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National Honor — XPeng included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s list of 2022 Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenarios

It is learned on December 23 from Shujin Media, recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially released the 2022 Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory Units and Excellent Scenario List.

Relying on its strong strength and research spirit, XPeng Zhaoqing Factory successfully entered the list of 2022 Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenarios and won the national honor.

XPeng Motors actively responded to the call of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four ministries and commissions on the “14th Five-Year Plan for Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan”, and in the excellent scenarios of intelligent manufacturing, after layers of selection, finally, in the two aspects of “smart storage” and “dynamic resource allocation”, provided a reproducible and scalable intelligent manufacturing unit-level solution, which successfully won the country’s affirmation.

Intelligent management of warehousing and logistics, making production more efficient with half the effort

Faced with difficulties such as high inventory costs and low transportation efficiency that factories often encounter, XPeng independently developed the logistics execution management IBL system. It can realize the real-time monitoring of the whole logistics process from the creation of the delivery order by the supplier to the warehousing of the whole vehicle, In terms of inventory accuracy, FIFO compliance (that is, the first-in-first-out inventory flow principle), delivery timeliness, and one-to-one batch traceability, it has achieved nearly 100% accuracy.

Build a perfect resource management system, making efficiency the top priority

Faced with the low utilization rate of the automobile production line and the high individual needs of users, XPeng has built a series of resource management systems (such as MES system, vehicle tracking, production process monitoring, quality management, ANDON system, etc.), and completed the construction of the flexible vehicle production line, which can support the production of 4 models on the same line, shortening the product delivery cycle by 50%, and fully realizing just-in-time production and visual management.

In the future, XPeng will not stop exploring

The listing this time reflects the country’s full recognition of XPeng Motors’ capabilities in the field of intelligent manufacturing and its reproducible manufacturing model.

In the future, XPeng will continue to deepen the digital industrialization, lead the all-round transformation of the manufacturing industry, and strive to become an important advanced manufacturing center in the country. At the same time, a group of emerging technology application models with good effect, low cost and easy promotion will be formed to contribute to the replication and promotion in related fields.