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Sales recovery timing in 2023, and some other summaries of NIO management interview at media conference after NIO Day 2022

Sales recovery timing in 2023, and some other summaries of NIO management interview at media conference after NIO Day 2022

It is learned from Securities Daily, NIO management held a media conference on December 25.

The sales target for 2023 is to surpass Lexus

Lin Bin said that NIO’s current competitor is very clear, that is, fuel cars.
Although there is still a distance from BBA (Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi), the sales target for 2023 is to surpass Lexus.

“The sales volume of Lexus in 2023 may be close to 200,000, and the switch of NIO’s new and old platforms and models will be completed in the fourth quarter of next year. By then, NIO will drive out of the corner and release the overall sales potential of the second-generation platform.” Qin Lihong, the co-founder and president of NIO said.

This means that the release time of NIO’s overall sales potential next year coincides with Li Bin’s predicted breakeven time point, and the sales target for 2023 may exceed 200,000 vehicles.

Sales recovery timing in 2023

Looking forward to the auto market in 2023, Li Bin said that due to the withdrawal of new energy vehicle subsidies, the country’s auto market will be temporarily under pressure in the first half of 2023, and it is expected to ease around the second quarter.

“With the end of subsidies for new energy vehicles, consumers’ demand for car purchases may have been released in advance, and consumer confidence will take time to recover. The auto market will have a period of pressure in the first half of 2023, or it will encounter pressure on both ends of supply and demand. It is expected to recover in the second quarter, that is, around May and June.” Li Bin said.

ES8 better than MPV

“Someone asked me when NIO will release the MPV. This (ES8) is definitely better than the MPV.”
According to Li Bin, the new generation of NIO ES8 will be delivered in June 2023.
It is worth mentioning that when introducing the new ES8 smart car refrigerator, Li Bin said, it can be controlled remotely from a mobile phone, and he specifically mentioned, “The (NIO) mobile phone is already being manufactured, and it is unveiled today in a sense.”

About recent NIO user data leak and extortion

In response to the leak of NIO user data that broke out recently, at the media conference on December 25, Li Bin responded strongly again, resolutely defending rights to the end, and will bear the losses of users.

“I’m against bitcoin, it makes blackmail very easy. We will take responsibility for the losses of users, even if the company goes bankrupt, we will not compromise because compromising sets a very bad precedent.”

Li Bin said that NIO will cooperate with relevant departments to investigate the incident in depth, call on peers not to purchase and use illegal data, and investigate to the end the illegal and criminal acts of stealing and trading related data.

“We will not compromise with wrongdoing, and we hope that everyone will provide clues in a timely manner.” Li Bin said.