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NIO released specifics of its smart electric flagship coupe SUV EC7

On December 24, NIO released specifics of its smart electric flagship coupe SUV EC7.



Elegance is the temperament of NIO’s design
NIO EC7, smart electric flagship coupe SUV
Every angle, every detail
All interpret the elegance of NIO to the extreme
Take you to feel the power of elegance


Perfect Posture
Elegance comes from perfect proportion and posture

Stretch and smooth Coupe SUV back curve
Pure and concise organic shapes and details
Ready-to-go front face design
Powerful shoulder lines, wheel bags, and rims
The perfect interpretation of the power of elegance


Standard dual-mode active lift tail
Dual-Mode Active Spoiler

Mirrored wing design for better aerodynamic performance
Exquisite seven-link bracket for precise control
Drag reduction gear/fast gear optional
Up to 4% reduction in aerodynamic drag or
Increased downforce by 650N
Enhanced handling confidence and driving pleasure

Standard intelligent multi-beam headlights

Smart Matrix Headlights
Fusion of pure appearance and sophisticated technology
Integrate a large number of micron-level high-brightness pixel LEDs
Fusion with ultra-long-range lidar
Realize pixel-level high-precision partition lighting


Open Mind
Elegance comes from an open mind

Transparent and vibrant space
Pure and elegant interior tone
Spacious and comfortable space experience
Abundant front and rear comfortable configurations
All passengers can ride elegantly

Integrated Sport Seats

Originated from NIO’s latest self-developed seat platform
Elegant shape, combining comfort and sport
The queen’s co-pilot is newly upgraded
One-click to achieve zero-gravity comfortable posture

Intelligent dimming panoramic canopy
Smart Electrochromic Glass

The world’s first neutral base color of black and gray
Energy blocking rate of 86.3% in dark state
5 levels of intelligent perception and adaptive adjustment
Effectively block energy and keep the scenery in its original hue

NIO panoramic digital cockpit
Pano Cinema

23 speakers, 7.1.4 immersive sound system

Dolby Atmos technology

256 color light waterfall intelligent atmosphere light

N-BOX Enhanced Entertainment Host

Feel the elegant and immersive atmosphere


Inner Power
Elegance comes from inner strength

EC7 will be NIO’s high-performance genes to the extreme
Bring a pleasant driving experience


The lowest drag coefficient of mass-produced SUV in the world

NIO’s fastest accelerating SUV
3.8s 0-100km/h

180kW front permanent magnet motor

300kW rear induction motor

Brembo six-piston brake calipers
33.9m 100-0km/h

380mm large size perforated ventilated brake disc

Overall improvement of brake heat fading resistance

Standard performance chassis system
High-Performance Chassis

Front double wishbone/rear H-Arm multi-link suspension

Smart Air Suspension

Dynamic Damping Control (CDC)

Intelligent Chassis Domain Controller (NIO ICC)

Faith in the Future
Elegance comes from confidence in the future

Equipped with the second generation of NIO Intelligent system Banyan

– NIO Second Generation Digital Cockpit

Five-screen linkage, AI computing power and communication capabilities are industry-leading

AQUILA Super Sensing System

33 High Performance Aware Hardware

ADAM NIO Super Computing Platform
The most powerful self-driving super brain

The whole series comes standard with industry-leading 22 safety and driver assistance functions

NIO Autonomous Driving NAD Service will gradually open



Car model version Battery capacity Complete vehicle purchase plan Battery rental plan Battery monthly fee
EC7 75kWh ¥488,000 ¥418,000 ¥980
EC7 100kWh ¥546,000 ¥418,000 ¥1,680
First Edition 100kWh ¥578,000 ¥450,000 ¥1,680


*Model configurations, pictures and other information may differ from the final mass-produced models, please refer to the information released when the deposit payment is opened.