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Tencent-backed GPU chip company Moore Threads completes 1.5 billion yuan in Series B financing

Tencent-backed GPU chip company Moore Threads completes 1.5 billion yuan in Series B financing

According to TMTPost news on December 27, Moore Threads, a domestic GPU (graphics processing unit) chip company, announced today that it has completed the 1.5 billion B round of financing and has successfully completed the delivery.

The financing funds will continue to be used for the rapid iteration of the Moore threads multi-function GPU, the innovation of the MUSA architecture and the research and development of related IP.

So far, Moore Threads has completed four rounds of financing within two years of its establishment, providing an important guarantee for the stable and long-term development of the company.

It is reported that Moore Threads was established in 2020. It is a high-tech integrated circuit company focusing on full-featured GPU chip design. It can provide powerful computing acceleration capabilities for a wide range of technological ecological partners, and is committed to building a meta-computing platform that provides multiple computing power for the next-generation Internet.

In terms of products, at present, Moore Threads has released two multi-functional GPU chips based on its self-developed MUSA unified system architecture – “Sudi” and “Chunxiao”, as well as a series of GPU software stacks and application tools. It has quickly launched a variety of MTT S series graphics cards to the market, covering multiple scenarios such as desktop, edge and data center. In November this year, the “Guochao” game graphics card MTT S80 equipped with Chunxiao GPU has been launched for sale, which has attracted the attention of the industry.

At the level of commercialization, recently, Moore Threads and several OEM partners have won large purchase orders for desktop computers from large central enterprises and large state-owned banks. Tens of thousands of domestic PCs equipped with Moore Threads MTT S series graphics cards will be widely used in digital office business scenarios in the country’s telecommunications and financial industries, which will significantly improve the application experience of domestic PCs.
At the same time, Moore Threads signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with China Mobile Cloud Competence Center and China Telecom Research Institute to jointly explore the landing scenarios of multi-functional GPUs in cloud computing and applications, metaverse new infrastructure, and localized ecological construction.

Moore Thread said that in the two years since its establishment, Moore Threads has maintained the rhythm of advancing at the speed of light, and has achieved multiple milestones in product development, ecological creation, application landing, and team building in a short period of time. The strong executive power continues to refresh the innovation speed of the industry, which fully confirms the high recognition of investors, industrial ecological partners, and end users for Moore threads strategic line and comprehensive strength of software and hardware.