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XPeng won the 2022 Innovation Pioneering Enterprise Award at the 16th China Automobile Annual Conference

XPeng won the 2022 Innovation Pioneering Enterprise Award at the 16th China Automobile Annual Conference

It is learned on December 27 from Economic Observer, on December 23, 2022, the 16th China Automobile Annual Conference 2022, hosted by the “Economic Observer”, came to a successful conclusion. The annual list of the 16th China Automobile Annual Conference in 2022 was announced at this annual meeting.

XPeng won the “2022 Innovation Pioneering Enterprise” award.
Under the influence of the pandemic and the supply chain, XPeng not only created a new record for new car manufacturers, raised the industry standard line, but also led the domestic new energy industry to a higher dimension.
Data show that in the third quarter of 2022, XPeng’ total vehicle deliveries were 29,570 vehicles, an increase of 15% from 25,666 vehicles in the same period in 2021. XPeng Motors delivered a total of 109,465 vehicles from January to November, a year-on-year increase of 33%.

XPeng is the first car company with full-stack self-research and mass production capabilities, and develops autonomous navigation and assisted driving for China’s local road conditions. Relying on the full-stack self-developed mass production capacity, creating an automatic driving assistance system suitable for China’s road conditions is a major differentiating feature of XPeng compared with other car companies. In addition, Xpeng has established five committees of product, strategy, technology, sales, and OTA through organizational adjustments, as well as three model platforms of E, F, and H. With the concept of “customer first”, it continues to explore cutting-edge smart technologies and products to make it close to customer needs.

In 2022, XPeng has achieved a lot, showing various forms of future travel with self-developed technological products one by one before our eyes. XPeng unswervingly takes the road of independent research and development, which has formed unique advantages and unique technical routes for its product experience. As an outstanding representative of new forces, XPeng has truly demonstrated its inherent advantages in product, technology and top-level logic.