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NIO ET5 won the Annual Mid-size Sports Sedan Award

Netease Auto reported on December 28 that the 2023 Netease Annual New Car Review Awards Ceremony was held on December 28, 2022 at Netease Yaotai.

As one of the most influential and authoritative annual model selection activities in China’s auto industry, NetEase’s annual new car evaluation list was held online for the first time this year. Many top elites from China and even the global auto industry gathered to witness the glorious moment of the birth of various annual awards in the auto industry.

In this year’s annual new car selection list, NIO ET5 won the annual mid-size sports sedan award.

Model introduction:

ET5 is the second mass-produced sedan model launched by NIO. It is positioned as a medium-sized smart electric coupe. The exterior design of NIO ET5 adopts the second-generation design language of NIO, which introduces a large number of aerodynamic kits. While improving the look and feel to attract attention, it also creates a lower drag coefficient, which can be described as beautiful and impressive.

The interior design of NIO ET5 is very simple, and the focus is on the functions between NOMI and the car. As a more personalized coupe, ET5 offers six interior color schemes, as well as exclusive interior color schemes for the model.

In terms of power, ET5 adopts front and rear five-link sports suspension. Its front permanent magnet synchronous motor has a maximum power of 150kW, rear induction asynchronous motor has a maximum power of 210kW, a maximum total output power of 360kW, a peak torque of 700N m, and an acceleration of only 4.3 Second.

In order to meet the needs of different application scenarios, ET5 has 8 driving modes to choose from. In Sport+ mode, it can even turn on the acceleration sound from the electric supercar EP9.

In terms of braking, the ET5 adopts the high-performance four-piston aluminum alloy one-piece cast caliper developed by NIO, which has lower unsprung mass and higher braking linearity. The final braking distance of ET5 from 100 kilometers to zero is 33.9 meters. This performance is very good in the same class of models.

ET5 has a good appearance and space. More importantly, this car has the latest technology of NIO, especially the advanced automatic driving assistance function. Finally, with the battery rental plan, the price of the whole car has dropped significantly. It has won the favor of users who appreciate NIO’s car-making philosophy & high-quality products, and at the same time pay great attention to cost performance.