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Alibaba Announces Organizational Adjustment, Welcomes the First Post-80s CTO

Alibaba Announces Organizational Adjustment, Welcomes the First Post-80s CTO

It is learned from multi sources (Zhongxin Jingwei etc), on December 29, Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, issued an internal email, announcing that Zhang Jianfeng would no longer serve as the president of Alibaba Cloud, and would continue to serve as the dean of the Alibaba DAMO Academy, focusing on cutting-edge technology exploration;
Cheng Li no longer served as the CTO of Alibaba Group, and was replaced by Wu Zeming, who is Alibaba’s first “post-80s” chief technology officer;
In addition, from April 1 next year, Tong Wenhong will no longer be the CPO of the group, and Jiang Fang will take over.

For a long time, after Double 11 each year, it has been Alibaba’s tradition to adjust its organizational structure according to business and market changes. The previous organizational adjustments made by Zhang Yong in recent years are all directly related to business development needs. Among Chinese Internet companies, Ali was the first to define the organization as serving strategy and business. It has always been known for its high organizational efficiency and flexible formation adjustment.

“Use the advanced nature of production relations to drive the release of advanced productivity, and use organizational innovation to drive business innovation” is Zhang Yong’s consistent philosophy in designing Alibaba’s organization.

In the internal letter, Zhang Yong specifically stated that “use a clearer strategic blueprint and a more agile organization in various business areas to face the future and truly create long-term value.”

Zhang Yong emphasized in the email that security is the greatest responsibility to customers, and the interests of customers must be protected in every step. Subsequent actions were more action-oriented, there was no release or warm-up, and organizational adjustments were made directly.