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China Pacific Insurance Co. and Alibaba Group hold the launching ceremony of “CPIC Service Entering Alibaba” AI Health Carnival

China Pacific Insurance Co. and Alibaba Group hold the launching ceremony of “CPIC Service Entering Alibaba” AI Health Carnival

It is learned on December 28 from North Net, on December 12, China Pacific Insurance and Alibaba Group held the launching ceremony of the AI Health Carnival of ” CPIC Service Entering Alibaba.”

Kong Qingwei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, Zhang Yong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Alibaba Group attended the ceremony, and together with Pan Yanhong, Chairman of the life insurance company, Yu Bin, Vice President of the Group, and Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba Group DAMO Academy and President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Liu Weiguang, Vice President of Alibaba Group and President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent New Finance jointly launched the ” CPIC Service Entering Alibaba” AI Health Carnival.

Kong Qingwei thanked Alibaba for its trust and support to the “China Pacific Insurance Service Entering Ali” activity. He said that in recent years, China Pacific Insurance has actively promoted the transformation of its business model from sales to service, and is committed to providing customers with responsible, intelligent, and warm CPIC services. It hopes to use “going out” to further test the word-of-mouth of CPIC’s services, and help Ali from the “stomach warming project” to the “well-being project”, and further improve employee care. It is expected that the brand image of China Pacific Insurance will take root among Alibaba employees through the activities of entering Ali, and promote the deepening of cooperation between the two parties from technical services to health fields.

Zhang Yong said that Alibaba Group and China Pacific Insurance are mutual customers and ecosystems, and have huge potential for cooperation. He hopes that the two parties will further jointly create better services for Alibaba employees on the basis of deepening cooperation in the fields of cloud and DingTalk experience, promote the deepening of the cooperation between the two parties, and create a new milestone of cooperation.

At the meeting, the two sides also held the awarding ceremony for Alibaba Group’s ecological company’s employee welfare protection partners and the “online + offline” CPIC service entering the Alibaba model.

Accompanied by Zhang Yong, Kong Qingwei and his entourage visited the exhibition hall of Alibaba Group and experienced the CPIC Ali AI Health House before the meeting.