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Li Auto unveiled L9 and L8 at 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show | Achievements in 2022, including the delivery of more than 20,000 vehicles in December

It is learned from Computer Home, on December 30, Li Auto brought L9 and L8 to the 20th Guangzhou International Auto Show, and officially released a new version of OTA for all models, including OTA 4.2 for L9 and L8, and OTA 3.2 for Ideal ONE.


In addition, the press conference also announced that Li Auto’s first five-seater model, the five-seat flagship SUV L7 for family users, will be officially released on February 8.

Liu Jie, Vice President of Sales of Li Auto, said: “In 2022, the product line of Li Auto entered a new stage. The new products L9 and L8 have been well received by users, and the total delivery volume of Li Auto exceeded 20,000 units in December. In the past year, Li Auto’s persistence in self-development of the core technology full-stack has also reaped rich rewards, and it has become a world leader in many key fields such as electric drive, smart space and smart driving. In the new year, Li Auto will continue to adhere to the mission of “creating a mobile home, creating a happy home”, carry Li Auto’s responsibility to every family, and enter a new stage of corporate growth from 1 to 10.”

In 2022, Li Auto has successfully achieved a comprehensive upgrade of its product line. The Ideal L9 and Ideal L8 have achieved excellent market performance as soon as they were released. Ideal L9 continued to be the sales champion of large-scale SUVs in China from September to November, and Ideal L8 also became the single-month sales champion of new energy SUVs in the price range of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan with nearly 6,000 units delivered in the first month. In December, Li Auto ushered in another milestone when the monthly delivery volume exceeded 20,000.

The recognition of products by users and the market is inseparable from the great investment of Li Auto in R&D and manufacturing. Li Auto adheres to full-stack self-development of core technologies, and has achieved world-leading technological levels in many key fields such as electric drive, intelligent driving, and intelligent space. The ideal range-extending electric 2.0 system is more efficient, quieter and more integrated. It is the most advanced range-extending electric system in the world. It is combined with the “ideal magic carpet air suspension” to bring users both abundant power and quiet comfort driving experience.

In terms of intelligent driving, the BEV (Bird’s Eye View) algorithms of Ideal AD Max and AD Pro, which will be launched successively in the second half of the year, are all self-developed by the full stack of Li Automobile. No. 1″ has become the frontier promoter of BEV algorithm. The standard NOA navigation assisted driving function is deeply trusted by users, and the average daily usage rate exceeds 50%.

In the car, Li Auto has created an intelligent space based on five-screen three-dimensional interaction. Whether it is to wake up the “Ideal classmate” from any seat, or to control vehicle functions through gesture integration and interaction, it can achieve accurate perception, make it easy for parents and children to complete the interaction with the vehicle and feel the driving pleasure brought by the smart electric vehicle.

From pre-research and development in the laboratory to technology implementation, and finally supporting product research and development, Li Auto has achieved a complete closed-loop technology self-development with an investment of tens of billions in research and development. For the comfort of Chinese families, Li Auto set up the first laboratory using Chinese human body model data; In order to ensure a fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly environment inside the car, Li Auto has built its own VOC odor component laboratory; In order to test the stability and safety of vehicle components, Li Auto has built an electromagnetic compatibility laboratory with the highest standard in the industry.

In 2022, Ideal L9 has been awarded four all-five-star certifications of China Insurance Automobile Safety Index (C-IASI), the highest safety level G (excellent) and China Automobile Health Index (C-AHI), which is a response to the solid research and development investment of Li Auto Significant acknowledgment of user concerns.