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EHang released annual review: Our 2022, Recall the Way to Create Extraordinary


On December 31 2022, EHang released its 2022 review titled “Our 2022, Recall the Way to Create Extraordinary.”


Fly with the wind
Follow the light

Day and night turn around, the year changes
We march together in the extraordinary
Freeze 2022 exclusive memories
It’s the end, it’s the prologue
Review, submit answer sheet


Every recognition, Firming the direction

The Ninth Guangdong Patent Gold Award

2022 IFLY Selected Annual eVTOL Model Award

2022 China International Digital Economy Expo “Innovation Achievement Award” First Prize

Annual Excellent IPO Case of Chinese Companies Listed in Hong Kong and the United States

The Most Investment Value Chinese Stock

Since the beginning of this year, EHang’s orders and pre-orders in the domestic and Southeast Asian markets have continued to grow, and successive harvests have come from

100 EH216 pre-orders for Indonesia

50 EH216 pre-orders for Japan

50 EH216 series and 10 VT-30 pre-orders for Malaysia

The state-owned enterprises of the government of Jishou City, Hunan Province purchased 5 EH216s and planned to purchase additional 25 units.

Industry attention, Mass focus

– The 3rd China International Culture and Tourism Expo was held in Jinan. Li Ganjie, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, secretary of the Central Secretariat, and then secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, and Zhou Naixiang, deputy secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and governor of Shandong Province, visited the EHang Intelligent Exhibition Area during the tour, and made detailed understanding and inquiry about the application of EHang’s intelligent autonomous aircraft in the development of cultural and tourism integration.

– The 2022 China Aviation Industry Conference and Nanchang Aviation Conference held a grand opening in Nanchang Aviation Science and Technology Innovation Town. Ye Jianchun, deputy secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and governor of Jiangxi Province, visited the EHang Intelligent Exhibition Area, exchanged details on the cutting-edge technology research and development of the aviation industry, and learned about the application of EHang’s intelligent passenger autonomous aircraft in many fields.

– The 2022 China Civil Unmanned Aviation Development International Forum was held in Changchun. Huazhi Hu, founder, chairman and CEO of EHang, delivered a keynote speech “From Cargo Loading to Manned Operation to Airworthiness Special Conditions”, and shared the application practice of autopilot flight technology from cargo logistics to passenger carrying, and the development of airworthiness certification work.

– The 42nd GITEX GLOBAL, the world’s largest science and technology exhibition, was held in Dubai World Trade Center, UAE. EHang was invited by the well-known technology and investment group e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group, Emirates Telecom Group) to demonstrate safe, autonomous and environmentally friendly urban air mobility solutions to the world.

Non-stop marching towards airworthiness

– February 2022
The Civil Aviation Administration of China officially released “Special Conditions for EHang EH216-S Unmanned Aircraft System”

– September 2022
EHang EH216-S model special certification plan was officially approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The project entered the stage of in-depth review, and various tasks were accelerated in an orderly manner.

– October 2022
EHang participated in the 41st ICAO General Assembly. The Civil Aviation Administration of China shared the topic of “Special Conditions for EH216-S Unmanned Aircraft System” at the conference. It is hoped that the formulation of this standard can provide reference for countries in formulating relevant standards.

– December 2022
After completion of the conceptual design, requirements validation and compliance planning phases, the EHang EH216-S unmanned aircraft system type certification (TC) reviewing work of Civil Aviation Administration of China has entered the final compliance certification and verification stage.

Create win-win situation, Walk side by side

– EHang has reached a strategic cooperation with Qingdao West Coast New Area, a state-level new area located in Shandong Province, China, including a confirmed equity investment of US$10 million and a potential additional investment of US$10 million in the future. The two parties are committed to building Qingdao into a world-class star pilot area for demonstration and application of urban air traffic.

– Jointly build UAM rich ecology, EHang held a strategic cooperation signing for low-altitude economic and ecological development.
Romantic Red Group, a state-owned enterprise affiliated to Huizhou District, Huangshan City,
Guangzhou Heli Chuangxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.,
Huangshan Huishang Bank,
Dezhou Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province,
Jimei Group,
Shenzhen Hydrogen Blue Times Company,
Guangdong Industry and Finance Group, and
Lvji Technology Group — Eight enterprise entities signed strategic cooperation agreements with EHang respectively. All parties will jointly create a rich and colorful urban air mobility (UAM) ecology around the green and environmentally friendly low-altitude new economic industry.

– EHang and HAECO, a subsidiary of Swire Group, join hands to explore cooperation in the field of advanced air mobility

– EHang and the Guangzhou Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China reached a strategic cooperation and won a long-term cooperation quota of RMB 1 billion

– EHang and Chia Pokphand Group have reached a strategic cooperation to introduce self-driving aircraft in Thailand

– EHang and Tianxingjian, a cultural and tourism company affiliated to the Jishou Municipal Government of Hunan Province, launched a low-altitude tour project in the Aizhai Wonders Tourist Area in Jishou, Hunan Province

– EHang and Malaysia’s leading aviation company AEROTREE reached a strategic cooperation to jointly develop Urban Air Mobility (UAM) business in Malaysia

– EHang and Spain’s national aviation service provider ENAIRE reached a cooperation to jointly promote the development of U-Space and urban air mobility services

– EHang joined the SAMVA project of the EU space program agency, applied the EGNOS system to advanced air mobility, and completed the flight demonstration of the EU SESAR AMU-LED project in Spain.

Flight coverage, Spreading

– Japan
Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture
Oita City, Oita Prefecture
Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture



Jishou City
Jiujiang City
Maoming City 
Dali City
Xiamen City

EHang’s air mobility 100-line plan is progressing smoothly. As of November 30, 2022, the EH216-S passenger-level autopilot aircraft has completed more than 6,800 operational test flights in 15 domestic pilot sites.


Autonomous driving opens a new era of low altitude


-The State Council issued “The 14th Five-Year Plan Modern Comprehensive Transportation System Development Plan”, and proposed to build a high-quality comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network.

– The first green development plan compiled in the history of China’s civil aviation – “The 14th Five-Year Plan Civil Aviation Green Development Special Plan” proposes to accelerate the promotion of green and low-carbon technologies, and orderly promote the application of pure electric and gasoline-electric hybrid aircraft in the field of general aviation.

– The State Council officially issued “The 14th Five-Year Plan Tourism Industry Development Plan”, and clearly proposed to improve the low-altitude tourism development policy, select a group of qualified tourist attractions and towns to carry out various forms of low-altitude tourism, promote general aviation tourism demonstration projects and the construction of aviation flight camps, and promote the integrated development of general aviation and tourism.


– The Civil Aviation Administration of China released “Civil Unmanned Aircraft System Distributed Operation Classification (Draft for Comment)”, and pointed out that with the development of UAV technology and the deepening of various scene applications, distributed operations based on a certain degree of autonomous flight have become the general trend.


– The Civil Aviation Administration of China released “The 14th Five-Year Plan General Aviation Development Special Plan”, and proposed to focus on the development of low-altitude tourism, encourage self-use entertainment flights, support the cultural and tourism authorities to expand the coverage of scenic spots such as air tours, and establish a low-altitude tourism network connecting scenic spots, resorts, theme parks and other tourist destinations.


– The CAAC’s Office of the Civil Unmanned Aircraft Management Leading Group issued a notice for soliciting comments on “Civil Unmanned Aviation Development Roadmap V1.0”, and proposed to realize the “seamless” integration of civil unmanned aviation into the national airspace system. According to the roadmap, by 2025, short-distance manned flights represented by urban commuter transportation will carry out application demonstrations. The Civil Aviation Administration approved the second batch of seven civil unmanned aviation test bases (test areas). At present, there are 20 such test bases (test areas) in China.


– The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued “Strategic Planning Outline for Expanding Domestic Demand (2022-2035)”. It is clearly required to release the consumption potential of general aviation, accelerate the development of low-altitude tourism and other forms of tourism, improve the aviation emergency rescue system, and support the application of technologies such as autonomous driving and unmanned delivery.


New aircraft everywhere, New wind direction at low altitude

Based on the past, the way is advancing
Embrace the new while growing
Do not forget the origin ambition
Start a new chapter