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NIO: Year 2022 is over, and these problems are also

On January 3, NIO reported that these problems are over along with year 2022.


Is it inconvenient to power up an electric car?
That’s all past tense
NIO Power’s “rechargeable, replaceable and upgradeable” energy service system
Letting those inconvenient power-up experiences be over


Can’t go far with an electric car?

Continuous layout of expressway power swap network

Traveling across cities is more enjoyable

As of January 3, there are 1,305 battery swap stations nationwide

Among them, there are 346 expressway stations

A expressway power exchange network of “5 verticals, 3 horizontals and 8 large urban agglomerations” has been built

Follow-up will continue to densify the layout

Allowing users to travel along expressways freely and conveniently

Still need to go a long way to change the battery?

More users live in power-zone housing*

Battery replacement nearby has become a daily routine

Continuous layout of power stations
Covering all provincial-level administrative regions and 214 prefecture-level cities in Mainland China

68.81% of the users across the country have lived in power-zone housing*

Coverage will reach 90% in 2025


*Power-zone housing: the place of residence within 3 kilometers from the power station

Still need to look around for power-up ?

The charging map opens God’s perspective for you

Easy to have optimal path planning

The charging map provides NIO self-built and public power-up resources

Connected to 1,305 NIO power stations

13,352 NIO charging piles, 630,000+ third-party charging piles

Committed to providing rich and reliable self-service power-up resources and power-up solutions for intercity travel

*As of 2023.01.03


Can’t leave from your current duty, No time to power up?

One tap on NIO App
One-key power-on response at any time, 7×24 standby

NIO service specialists come to pick up the car
And use the cloud to assign resources (swapping stations, charging cars, charging piles)

Select the optimal power-up scheme

Make sure power up is done in the shortest possible time

The vehicle will then be returned to pickup or a nearby location

Convenience and worry-free

As of January 3, the number of one-key power-up services across the country exceeded 920,000

2023 NIO Power

Will continue to work towards the vision of “Making electric recharging more convenient than refueling”

Continue to create a more pleasant and convenient power-up experience for users