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XPeng released its annual review: In 2022, every step we took was shining because of you

On January 3, XPeng released its 2022 review titled “In 2022, every step we took was shining because of you.”


Hello XPeng Friends

New year, New life

This is the 8th New Year that XPeng friends spent with you

Now, let’s review the 2022 we have walked together

2022, you was here, I was here, we were here



Every step we took was sparkling because of your participation



Xpeng Superchargers run through all prefecture-level administrative regions across the country

Realize that there are stations all over the country

Xpeng superchargers run through 337 cities across the country



Xpeng Motors was included in Hong Kong Stock and Hang Seng Technology Index



Xpeng becomes the first Chinese brand to join the three major European automobile associations at the same time



The cumulative delivery volume of Xpeng exceeded 200,000 units!

Thanks for every one of two hundred thousandth



The 1,000th self-operated charging station of Xpeng has achieved and become the first station of S4 super fast charging.



Xpeng G9 launched as an “ultra-fast charging fully intelligent SUV”



Xpeng held the 4th Science and Technology Day

Demonstrated full-scene intelligent assisted driving XNGP and full-scene voice 2.0



Xpeng G9 won the Xuanyuan Award Top Ten Cars of the Year




Every trip you made has been a change for us



2022 Annual delivery

The total number of smart navigation enabled

Navigation annual utilization rate

ACC total mileage

Highway NGP user penetration rate

Total mileage penetration

Penetration rate of City NGP users

Total mileage penetration

Memory parking total number of routes

The total number of times Little P is awakened in a year

Annual utilization rate


OTA Annual Cumulative Number of Versions

Cumulative total of new features

Cumulative Total of Function Optimization




Evolution does not stop, innovation does not stop




Xiaopeng P5 opened VPA-L cross-floor parking lot memory parking function




Xpeng launched ACC
LCC and high-speed NGP enhanced version

Continued to evolve XPILOT intelligent assisted driving



Xpeng built China’s largest autonomous driving intelligent computing center “Fuyao” in Ulanqab



September 17

City NGP officially launched a pilot project in Guangzhou


September 21

Xpeng released XNGP

Became the first assisted driving system that can cover full travel scene




Full scene voice 2.0

Realize full-time dialogue in the whole vehicle




Behind every glory is your support



Xpeng G3i won the J.D.Power 2022 first car quality (QS) in the compact pure electric market

Xpeng P7 won the first place in J.D.Power’s 2022 medium-sized pure electric vehicle attractiveness index (APEAL)



Xpeng has been recognized by the world’s two authoritative index agencies for ESG ratings

Xiaopeng has been awarded the industry-leading ESG rating by two authoritative index agencies in the world!

Xpeng has been awarded the UNR155 vehicle network security management system certification



Xpeng has been promoted to CCC Class A enterprise, and its product quality control and production management have reached the leading level

Xpeng G9 has been certified by China Automobile Research Institute as a five-star recommended model in the health index

Xpeng G9 won the Xuanyuan Award Top Ten Cars of the Year



Xpeng P5 won the five-star model of i-VISTA China Smart Car Index

Xpeng was included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s 2022 list of excellent smart manufacturing scenarios


Let’s make a difference in this world with Xpeng friends



Public Welfare Foundation

– Xpeng Public Welfare Foundation spent about 4.3 million yuan on public welfare projects in 2022, which was used for public welfare undertakings such as environmental education, community epidemic prevention, emergency disaster relief, and promotion of youth voluntary services

– Released a series of original children’s environmental education products, and cooperated with schools, communities and public welfare organizations to carry out nearly 100 environmental education activities for children and teenagers

– Established Xpeng Volunteer Service Corps, organized 54 youth volunteer service activities throughout the year, and more than 1,000 employee and car owner volunteers participated




Environmentally Friendly

Charging all year round

Cumulative carbon reduction




We never stop on the way forward, constantly exploring new possibilities

Committed to making Xpeng friends feel the humanistic temperature brought by technological progress

On the long road, we will always keep our enthusiasm and original intention

Just to get closer to you

In 2022, thanks for having you

In 2023, we will start again with a full charge



*The data statistical period is: January 1, 2022-December 25, 2022 The data has been anonymized and desensitized