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NIO released ES8 promo: Pleasant experience in all scenarios, this is the new ES8

On January 5, NIO promoted new ES8 on Chinese social media with the title “Pleasant experience in all scenarios, this is the new ES8.”



Regardless of work, family, social, exploration, with exclusive configuration to meet the pleasure needs of the full scenarios, calm and graceful


Brand new ES8
Your mobile office

Spacious and comfortable space for the second row

Nearly 2 meters of vertical space

With 550mm ultra-wide comfortable seat

Enjoyable working time

Innovative “administrative island” design

Width up to 237mm

Multipurpose desk on the go

Dual 40w mobile phone wireless fast charging

Recharge as you go, without interruption during the journey


Brand new ES8
Your own lounge

The new Queen’s co-pilot

One-button comfort mode, linkage headrest, shoulders and other six adjustments

Realize double 120° zero-gravity experience

Take off the stress and relax

Standard comfortable seats in the first two rows

Provide over 20 sitting posture adjustments and 5 major comfort functions

Zoned heating, zoned ventilation

Air Cushion Back Relief

Location memory, hot stone massage

Take a break, relax


Brand new ES8
Children’s playroom

Two second-row layouts available

Large “administrative island” layout children’s mobile desks

“Central channel + integrated wide armrest” layout

Third row free access

Family travel, easy and comfortable

NOMI vehicle artificial intelligence partner

Rich expressions, intelligent interaction, children’s favorite “partner”

Vehicle six-tone zone control, each position can easily interact

Enjoy every journey with laughter

Brand new ES8
Friends’ recreation room

PanoCinema panoramic digital cockpit

7.1.4 Immersive sound system, 23 speakers

Up to 2,230 watts of power

N-BOX enhanced entertainment host that can connect 4 pairs of AR glasses at the same time

Regardless of watching movies, watching games, karaoke, games

Immerse yourself in the joyful time

Car Smart Refrigerator

0 to 50 degrees temperature adjustable

A bottle of refreshing iced drink, or a cup of heart-warming tea

Let friends choose


Brand new ES8
Second living room for exploring the remote

Equipped with NIO’s second-generation electric drive platform

The maximum power of the vehicle is 480kW, and the maximum torque is 850N.m

0-100km/h acceleration 4.1s

Flagship performance, all the way forward

Standard new intelligent dual-chamber air suspension

Combined with third-generation Dynamic Suspension Damping Control

Comprehensively improve handling and comfort

Take it easy and enjoy driving


Brand new NIO ES8


All-scenario smart electric flagship SUV

Click the image below to order NIO’s new ES8

Start a new experience of calmness and gracefulness