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Xpeng P7 Xmart OS 2.9.0 officially launched — Come and unlock the customized cockpit experience

On January 4, XPeng reported that Xpeng P7 Xmart OS 2.9.0 officially launched.


Xpeng P7 Xmart OS 2.9.0
Precise navigation and tacit interaction
The travel experience of the smart coupe is really so smooth


Added function · Lane-level navigation

Lane body real-time positioning
Road information at your fingertips

In the area covered by the high-definition map
Provide fine navigation based on lane-level positioning

Cooperate with voice broadcast guidance
Provide drivers with an immersive navigation driving experience


Finer body positioning

Real-time presentation of vehicle location, lane lines, steering icons and other information

Dynamic display of surrounding vehicles, pedestrians, cones and other traffic participants
Reduce blind spots, know yourself and your enemy, and drive more safely

Clearer Navigation Guidelines

The guide line prompts the current driving road and congestion situation

The guide surface presents the range of lanes that the vehicle can drive and predicts future lane changes

The timing and route of changing lanes are clear at a glance

Richer traffic information

Clearly display road condition information such as electronic eye information, fork road turn icon, etc. You can also adjust the scale or move the map to see the road structure beyond the line of sight. The current position and the road conditions ahead are all under control.

New Upgrade · Private Customization 2.0

Rich and three-dimensional function settings

Satisfy the scene-based needs of thousands of people

Let intelligence communicate with you


Constant inspiration, unlimited gameplay

Minimize the setting and execution conditions

Has 30+ trigger conditions

Can be matched with 300+ kinds of execution actions

——Realize multiple trigger conditions and multiple action execution


One touch and tacit understanding

When the vehicle perceives the trigger conditions, it will execute the customized content one by one, just like having a smart travel butler who can help you arrange everything

——Have a tacit understanding with you and have a perfect understanding

Travel options, easy to set up

Enter the private customization module through the mobile APP terminal of Xpeng

Can customize the scene and combine actions as you like

One-click sharing of custom scenes

Add others to share with one click


Refresh and optimize

Charging, labeling updating >>
Quickly distinguish charging station attributes, and user rights are clear at a glance

Central control large screen system >>
Newly added navigation search food along the way
Optimize intelligent voice, time display, remote diagnosis functions

Improve the safety of AC charging >>
Reduce the charging power when an abnormality is detected in the grid

Optimize the map display function of the instrument system>>

Optimizing the Accuracy of Battery System Fault Detection >>

1. Only supports models with XPILOT 3.0 software and upgrade service
2. The Xpeng APP needs to be upgraded to 4.10.0 and above


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