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Xpeng reported the selection of G9 into the list of “2023 Best Electric Cars” by internationally renowned media WIRED

Xpeng reported the selection of G9 into the list of “2023 Best Electric Cars” by internationally renowned media WIRED

On January 5, Xpeng reported that recently, the internationally renowned technology media WIRED released the 2023 Best EVs list, and the Xpeng G9 was selected as one of the world’s best electric vehicles in 2023, and Xpeng became the only Chinese brand on the list.

WIRED commented: Xpeng G9 is a model “equipped with all the latest scientific and technological achievements of Xpeng Motors”, and it is also “the fastest charging SUV in the world”.

As an internationally renowned technology media, WIRED has always been synonymous with how technology affects the world. It focuses on reporting how science and technology are applied to all aspects of modern and future human life, and has a significant impact on global technology, culture and economy. The magazine is widely recognized by “technical” readers, and is enthusiastically sought after by a large number of digital passionate youths overseas.

WIRED fully affirmed the product strength of G9 in the 2023 Best EVs list. In terms of performance, the G9 four-wheel drive version has a motor with a maximum power of 405kW, a maximum torque of 717N m, and an acceleration time of 3.9s from 0 to 100 kilometers. In terms of battery range, G9 has launched three battery range versions with the battery ranges of CLTC comprehensive working conditions being 570km, 650km, and 702km respectively. This is enough to meet the travel needs of users for a week.

In terms of energy replenishment system, G9 supports charging with a maximum power of 480kW. It can be charged for 5 minutes and has a battery range of 200 kilometers. It only takes 15 minutes to charge from 10% to 80%. With the support of such data, “G9 will be the fastest charging SUV in the world at present.”

In addition, in terms of intelligence level, G9 has achieved a comprehensive leap from the accumulation of “single-point functions” to “full-scene intelligence”, allowing users to have an unprecedented full-smart travel experience in all time, space and all scenarios of travel. G9 is equipped with Xpeng’s second-generation intelligent assisted driving system XNGP. XNGP will for the first time realize full coverage of various daily driving scenarios such as expressways, urban expressways/arterial roads/secondary arterial roads, internal roads in parks, and parking lots, and open up the connection points such as highway toll stations and parking lot gates. It becomes the first high-level intelligent assisted driving system that can serve daily commuting.

Xpeng G9 was included in WIRED’s list of the world’s best electric cars in 2023. It shows that its product strength has been widely recognized around the world, and it also fully confirms that we have achieved a leading position in China’s smart car track through firm R&D and technical investment. In the future, we will continue to invest in intelligence and product research and development to bring consumers innovative products and a convenient and pleasant travel experience.