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BYD reported specifics for understanding Yangwang high-end brand and technology

On January 5 2023, BYD reported the specifics for understanding Yangwang brand and technology.


Understand by figure
Dare to cross the galaxy

Yangwang brand and technology conference


“Creating extremely safe cars for users is a technological dream that has been brewing in our hearts for 20 years”

–Wang Chuanfu


After 20 years of research and development precipitation

The technological dream has finally become a reality

The Yangwang brand has emerged


Coming from the past

Inspired by Oracle

Spreading in all directions in the form of lightning


Born for the future

Giving “electricity” a new imagination

Creating a high-end brand with super technology



The golden key to unlock the ultimate safety of the car



Initiate the concept of integrated perception

Let the car fully understand the road conditions

Lock the safety from the source


Self-developed new control architecture

Strong computing power and high efficiency

Make safe driving no longer just rely on experience


Four-wheel independent torque control

Torque output can be positive or negative

Accurate and fast response to driving needs


Safety is our consistent value

Instantaneous pressure loss control of high-speed tires

Millisecond-level perception and identification of tire blowouts

Instantly complete four-wheel torque vectoring allocation

By intervening in the torque output of non-punctured wheels
Achieve stable driving, no deviation, and slow stop


Note: Professional vehicles, professional testing, please do not imitate; in case of a tire blowout during highway driving, avoid turning the steering wheel and emergency braking; the function is still under development, and the product configuration and technical indicators are subject to the mass production release.

Emergency floatation

Strong core system protection capability

Even if accidentally trapped in wading water
Can still rely on the torque of the motor

Realize emergency water floating escape

Note: Professional vehicles, professional testing, please do not imitate: In case of extreme wading road conditions, stay away from deep water areas as soon as possible.


Extreme safety pushes performance beyond the limit

Motor maximum speed*

The maximum horsepower of the vehicle*
Over 1100 horses

Maximum Efficiency*


Desert dry pulling to the summit / high-speed driving on ice and snow

Accurately calculate the best torque of the four wheels

Whether in the soft desert or the mirror-smooth ice surface
Can still start smoothly and quickly, and turn stably


High traction U-turn

The motors on the left and right sides generate force in reverse

Even on asphalt roads, can turn around on the spot

Make large SUV as agile as urban mobility small car

Follow your heart, flexible driving control

Technology is valuable, life is priceless
“e4” will be standard equipped on all models of Yangwang brand


*Theoretical performance parameters of the e4 platform, please refer to the follow-up public data for specific model performance


Yangwang U8

Million-level new energy hardcore off-road

Standard “e4” technology

Both hard-core off-road performance and safety

Also technologically intelligent

Bringing modern civilization to the wild outdoors


Grand and stable volume

Incorporate a sense of future and technology into hard-core off-road vehicle

Both avant-garde and tough

Yangwang U9

Million-level pure electric performance supercar

“Gate of Time and Space” family-style design language

Keep the classic design elements of supercar

Integrate into the overall sense of technology in the future



2-second zero-hundred acceleration

Provide a new driving experience of “street and race”