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BYD smart watch patent authorized

BYD smart watch patent authorized

It is learned on January 10 from multi sources (58Auto, etc), the Tianyancha App shows that recently, BYD Co., Ltd.’s application for a “smart watch” patent has been authorized.

The patent abstract shows that the BYD smart watch is a smart watch that can detect the alcohol intake in the user’s body, and also has the functions of ECG, blood oxygen, heart rate, body temperature detection, and pressure monitoring and analysis.

As can be seen from the patent drawing, this watch adopts a square shape, and there are 20 small holes under the screen, which may be used to blow air to detect the user’s alcohol intake.

According to previous reports, BYD may launch a smart watch. The watch will support functions such as smart ignition, smart locking, comfortable entry, raising and lowering windows, opening the tailgate, etc., and can replace the original car keys of BYD cars.