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BYD’s new e2 photos exposed, priced around 100,000 yuan

BYD’s new e2 photos exposed, priced around 100,000 yuan

It is learned on January 11 that media outlet Zhidian Chuxing has obtained real photos and some information of BYD’s new e2: the size of the new car is longer, the front face is replaced with a closed grille, and the LED lights are connected by blackened chrome trim, which is more refined than the old model.

It is expected that the starting price of new car will be raised, or around 100,000 yuan.

BYD’s new e2 has blackened air vents on both sides of the front closed grille, 16-inch multi-spoke wheels on the side, optional panoramic sunroof and luggage rack, and through-type lights and high-mounted brake lights at the rear.

The interior of the new car is replaced with a new LCD instrument, the size of the central control screen is upgraded, and the air outlet of the air conditioner is adjusted to a circular shape.

The new car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous single motor model TZ180XSF, with a maximum power of 70kW and a maximum speed of 130km/h.