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NIO EC7: 7 numbers, feel the power of EC7 elegance

On January 6, NIO submitted a post on Chinese social media with the title “7 numbers, feel the power of EC7 elegance.”



The elegance of NIO EC7 comes from the design

More from the integration of aesthetics and technology

Every detail, every experience

Elegant temperament throughout

Let’s use 7 numbers

Feel the power of elegance


Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is an exquisite fusion of aesthetics and mathematics

It endows EC7 with elegant proportions and posture

The perfect interpretation of the power of elegance


Coupe Siloutte

Proper rear windshield slip angle

A perfect balance of aesthetics, space, and performance

Interpreting elegance to the extreme

Dual-Mode Active Spoiler
2.5 s

Dual-mode active lift tail 2.5s graceful deployment

Enhanced handling confidence and driving pleasure

Elegant can also be cool


Ultra-Low Drag Coefficient

The lowest drag coefficient of mass-produced SUV in the world

Taking design aesthetics and ultimate experience into consideration

Injecting high-performance genes into elegance


Panoramic All Glass Roof
1.94 m2

Oversized panoramic glass canopy

Double-layer sound-insulating and heat-insulating glass, blocking 99.9% of ultraviolet rays

All-weather elegant comfort, enjoyable sky


Smart Matrix Headlights
7×10^7 nit

Intelligent multi-beam headlights, single LED brightness 70 million nits

Simple shape, functional integration, intelligent adjustment

Elegance illuminates the way ahead


illumiBlade tail light
3 mm

illumiBlade tail light, the thinnest part is only 3mm

Integrates 280 independently controlled LED lights

Delicate light language, elegant and smart