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Honnverse and Xpeng jointly built the Xpeng Metaverse brand experience center

Recently, Honnverse (Rainbow-verse), a subsidiary of Tianxiaxiu, and Xpeng jointly built the Xpeng Metaverse brand experience center – Xpeng Dare-Venture Park, which successfully landed on the “Future Island” of Rainbow-verse, and upgraded the Metaverse test drive experience, according to a news article on January 5 by media oulet Renmin Zhengxie Wang.

The automotive industry has always been at the forefront of global technological innovation, and almost all proven innovative technological achievements will be applied to automotive products. Metaverse, which is currently in the process of accelerating innovation, is no exception and is becoming a strategic high ground for auto companies to compete for.

“Xpeng Dare-Venture Park” (hereafter referred to as “Park”) has super digital scenes with a strong sense of technology, and the deep-sensing interactive experience allows you to touch the 360-degree Xpeng P7 models that can be visited at zero distance and obtain rare and limited edition digital collections. The “Park” fully satisfies the user’s immersive fun of watching cars and checking in for experience.

A strong user base and an innovative gameplay that dares to lead the trend are Xpeng’s “Metaverse Gene”. Rainbow-verse’s “Xpeng Dare-Venture Park” has created an unusual and cool digital scene based on the latest “digital twin” technology. In it, you can enter two scenes, inside and outside.

According to relevant introductions, the experience details of various services of the “Park” are in place. In the outdoor scene, users can not only experience the model design of Xpeng P7 up close, but also immersively “drive” Xpeng P7 on the viewing track to explore the infinite scenery of mountains, rivers and canyons.

And when you see a huge “Xpeng Exhibition Hall” that is parallel to the real world, you have already stepped into the scene of the “Park” full of design sense.
Users can watch the car experience in the virtual exhibition hall, check in and take pictures, and set up an exchange machine to exchange for Xpeng car decorations, Xpeng huge poster props and ultra-rare “SS-level Xpeng P7 car model digital collection” and other rewards. Many bold and innovative designs, with clear angles, reflect the delicate and dynamic brand background of Xpeng.

The cooperation between Rainbow-verse and Xpeng is a new form of the combination of car brands and Metaverse. Along with the development of Rainbow-verse products, in the future “Xpeng Dare-Venture Park” will not only empower Xpeng’s brand marketing, but may also provide digital support for automobile manufacturing as well as new car launches, online auto shows, factory visits, etc. More immersive interactive methods can also be gradually unlocked to continuously meet the needs of Xpeng brand marketing and users for personalized experience in the digital space.