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BYD: 304 electric heavy-duty trucks Q1R to India to operate as port tractors

It is learned from TechWeb that according to BYD’s official news on January 15, 304 BYD electric heavy-duty trucks Q1R were shipped to the four ports of India’s Adani Group. They are expected to arrive in February and will be operated as port tractors.


It is understood that Adani Group is an Indian multinational enterprise and the largest port developer and operator in India. According to the plan, Q1R has been shipped in batches to the four ports of Ennore, Katupalli, Hazira and Mundra under the Adani Group.
At present, 5 Q1Rs have arrived at the Katupalli port and started operation. Next, Adani Group will continue to place orders with BYD and put all 400 electric tractors into operation in 2023.

BYD has been deeply involved in the field of commercial vehicles for 15 years, and has formed a complete industrial chain integrating product planning, R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, including pure electric buses, pure electric trucks and other product lines, covering the Netherlands and the United Kingdom , France, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Japan, South Korea and many other countries.