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Guangxi Lianchuang EHang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. signed agreement with Lichuan city, Hubei province for aviation industry projects with fixed asset investment exceeding 1 billion yuan

It is learned from Zhijian Lichuan that on the afternoon of January 16, the signing ceremony of the investment agreement for the aviation industry projects in Lichuan City was held.

Liu Zhiyong, Member of the Standing Committee of the State Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Luo Zhuying, Chairman of Guangxi Lianchuang EHang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., and Huang Wenting, President of Guangxi Xiangyun EHang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (also known as XYEHang) attended and witnessed the signing.

Liu Zhiyong said at the signing ceremony that the signing is of great significance. The investment in fixed assets exceeds 1 billion yuan. The high-tech drone production project will be settled in Lichuan. The construction of Lichuan General Aviation Airport will achieve a breakthrough. The prospect of integration is broad. We believe that with the help of aviation industry projects in Lichuan, high-quality economic and social development will surely take off. At the same time, all relevant departments should aim at faster implementation of investment projects and take serving enterprises as their own responsibility, provide point-to-point services in terms of factor guarantees and policy support, create a high-quality business environment, and allow projects to be put into production and achieve results as soon as possible.

According to the signing agreement, the People’s Government of Lichuan City and Guangxi Lianchuang EHang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. jointly build aviation industry projects based on the principle of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. The total investment of the project is not less than 1.12 billion yuan. The proposed sites are Dongcheng Street, Wangying Town, Tuanbao Town and Nanping Township. It will mainly build drone production and tourism and health care industries.

Tian Xianglin, vice chairman of Guangxi Lianchuang EHang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., city leaders Zhou Yi, Zhu Dingpan, Chen Jianping and heads of relevant departments attended the signing ceremony.