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Xpeng releases new pricing for Spring Festival sales

On January 16, Xpeng announced that Xpeng opens Spring Festival sales.


Xpeng opens Spring Festival sales

As a future travel explorer, Xpeng has always been committed to promoting the development and popularization of smart cars.

In order to provide users who love smart cars with a better choice of models, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, from 14:00 on January 17, 2023, Xpeng will launch a New Year price system for G3i/P5/P7. At the same time, for the first car owners who ordered G3i/P5/P7 within one year before the release of this announcement, we will simultaneously give Chinese New Year rewards.

     — Wish Xpeng friends from all walks of life a happy Chinese New Year in the Year of the Rabbit!


Chinese New Year Reward Program

The first car owner who ordered Xpeng G3i/P5/P7 within one year before the release of this announcement can get the following Chinese New Year rewards:

Category Details
Vehicle Warranty Vehicle warranty extended to 10 years/200,000 km
(When the first owner replaces this product with a new car, he can enjoy the same warranty again)
Car Care Free 4-year basic maintenance


*Chinese New Year rewards will be sent to the account of the car-machine binding person within 3 working days