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CAICT and Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing

On January 17, People’s Post and Telecommunications Daily reported that China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as “CAICT”) and Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing.


In recent years, CAICT and Alibaba Group have achieved fruitful results in many areas of cooperation. The two parties stated that in the future, they will further implement the national strategy, based on their respective advantages, carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation and exploration in planning consultation, technical standards, platform construction, ecological promotion, etc., and make positive contributions to the high-quality development of the digital economy.

CAICT Institute of Technology and Standards, Institute of Industry and Planning, Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data, Institute of Informatization and Industrialization Integration, Institute of Industrial Internet, Institute of Security, Thiel System Laboratory, Thiel Terminal Experiment Office, Business Development Department, relevant departments of the Alibaba Group Government Public Affairs Department, and relevant department heads of Alibaba Cloud attended the signing ceremony.