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NIO reported its selection into the “2023 Global 100 Most Sustainable Enterprises List”

On January 19, NIO reported that on January 18, 2023, NIO was selected into the “2023 Global 100 Most Sustainable Enterprises List (2023 Global 100)” released by Corporate Knights. NIO ranked 79th out of 6,720 rated companies worldwide; NIO ranked first among 233 companies in the category of “automobile and truck manufacturing including parts and components” set by Corporate Knights.

The “World’s 100 Most Sustainable Enterprises” is released annually by Corporate Knights on the World Economic Forum and on the official website of Corporate Knights. Corporate Knights is a world-renowned sustainable economic media and investment research company. Its selection of the “2023 Global 100 Most Sustainable Enterprises” is based on the company’s publicly disclosed data. 6,720 companies were comprehensively evaluated. The evaluation criteria consist of 25 quantitative and 5 qualitative key performance indicators, covering sustainable revenue, sustainable investment, employees, supplier performance, etc. NIO performed well in indicators such as sustainable revenue, sustainable investment, carbon emissions, and energy utilization.

NIO attaches great importance to low-carbon development, environmental protection and ecological co-construction, and is committed to practicing the concept of sustainable development, creating a green industrial chain with a full life cycle, and building a green ecology with partners. Focusing on the product development concept of “Design for Sustainability”, NIO combines green manufacturing, low-carbon logistics, low-carbon use, and low-carbon operation to create a full-life cycle carbon footprint management to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

In addition, NIO launched the Clean Parks global ecological co-construction plan, and joined hands with various parties to support the use of smart electric vehicles in natural reserves around the world, build clean energy infrastructure, build a clean and low-carbon energy self-circulation system, and protect the authenticity and integrity of the ecosystem.
In 2022, Clean Parks has reached cooperation with five important institutions at home and abroad, including the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, to open the Sanjiangyuan National Park and Hainan Tropical Rainforest on a global scale. There are 13 ecological joint construction project sites including national parks, Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park, Giant Panda National Park and 4 Danish nature reserves.

In order to strengthen the concept of sustainable development, NIO has set up a nomination and environment, society and corporate governance (ESG) committee under the board of directors, and set up an ESG steering group in the executive committee to systematically promote NIO’s ESG practice. On this basis, in 2022, NIO has released the “2021 Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Report”, summarizing and sharing NIO’s management, practice and performance in terms of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). To implement the vision of Blue Sky Coming, NIO will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, improve ESG performance, and contribute to global sustainable development.