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NIO Won Fifteen Employer Brand Awards

NIO Won Fifteen Employer Brand Awards, according to a post on January 19 by NIO on Chinese social media.


NIO won Fifteen Employer Brand Awards


In 2022, NIO continued to support the development and training of young talents by adhering to the value drive

In terms of global talent attraction, college students’ attention, employer brand influence, etc., recognized by the industry in the selection of employer brands in multiple dimensions

Won 15 employer brand honors in one fell swoop

Mostin Global Attractive Employer

Zhaopin Recruitment
TOP100 2022 China’s Best Employer of the Year
TOP10 Most Attention Employer by College Students

2022 China Employer Talent Attraction and Retention Model

National Extraordinary Employer

Mai Mai
Employer Branding Top Employer

Niu Ke
2022 NFuture College Students’ Favorite Employer

BOSS Direct Recruitment
The King’s Ship · Favorite Talent Employer

La Gou
Smart Innovation TOP Employer of the Year

Trainee monk
2022 Interns’ Favorite Employer

Most Influential Employer

2022 Top Ten Popular Employer Brand for Young Forces

Newly Selected Good Employer, Growth Brand

Mr. offer
Annual Z Generation Hot Employer Brand

The most forward-looking employer brand award


In 2023, NIO will create a more influential employer brand,
Create a better job hunting experience,
Demonstrate a more comprehensive and diverse NIO value in the talent market.