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EHang EH216 experience flight included into Spring Festival activities at one of four “Happy Farms” in Huangpu District, Guangzhou


On January 23, Publicity Department of Guangzhou Huangpu District submitted a post on Chinese social media with the title: “Four ‘Happy Farms’ in Huangpu are not closed for holidays! A lot of Spring Festival activities are waiting for you.”

The Spring Festival activities introduced by the post had included EHang aerial media show and EH216 experience flight at one of the four ‘Happy Farms’.


With regards to the EHang aerial media show, the post expressed:

EHang drones take off
Brand new project, shockingly launched!
Wonderful drone aerial show
With beautiful aerial images
Sending the most sincere Chinese New Year wishes


With regards to the EHang EH216 experience flight, the post described:

Aerial photography bird’s-eye view panorama
Giving you an addictive visual feast