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Helicopter test flight of the Guangzhou Urban Air Traffic Service route was successfully verified by EHang’s partner Heli-Eastern

Source: Guangzhou TV News

On January 16, the first flight ceremony of the helicopter in the Central Business District of Guangzhou Airport was held. An AW139 helicopter of Eastern General Aviation (also known as Heli-Eastern) took the flight, and the test flight of the Guangzhou Urban Air Traffic Service route was successfully verified.

According to Guangzhou TV News, pursuant to the characteristics of Guangzhou’s urban traffic, the first batch of planned three test flight routes are the airport connection route “Airport Central Business District-Haixinsha-Nansha Lingshan Island”, the business connection route “Haixinsha – Congdu International”, and the intercity traffic route “Haixinsha-Shenzhen Greater China” .

According to Zhao Qi, chairman of Eastern General Aviation, low-altitude transportation mainly solves the problem of rapid transportation between cities and within cities. For example, the journey from Baiyun Airport to Zhujiang CBD New City can be realized within 15 minutes, and it can also play the role of city air tour during the course of the route.

According to reports, the Guangzhou Airport Committee is working to create a good airspace environment, encourage the high-quality development of the low-altitude economy, and realize 20-30 minute air travel for cross-city and cross-border, which takes 2-3 hours by ground, so as to better promote the integrated development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao urban agglomeration.

He Tonglin, a first-level researcher of the Guangzhou Municipal Airport Committee, introduced that the next step will be to give full play to the advantages of Guangzhou’s existing production base and R&D base. It is necessary to attract advanced aviation manufacturing enterprises from our country and the world to settle in Guangzhou and promote the economic and social development of Guangzhou.