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EHang featured in Guangdong TV program “Made in Guangdong, Trust in Guangdong” | EH216 orders and pre-orders: already more than 100 units this year

Source: Guangdong TV Shock News


On February 2, 2023, EHang submitted a post on its Weibo account with video link about a recent interview of EHang Vice President, He Tianxing by Guangdong TV.

Recently, on January 28, Guangdong held “Provincial High-Quality Development Conference” to draw a blueprint for the high-quality development of Guangdong’s economy, and sounded the charge of doing everything possible to grasp the economy and unite for development.

With this background, Guangdong TV has gone deep into the representative enterprises of high-quality development in Guangdong, and talked to the senior management of the enterprises, and explored their development codes to win the new track.

EHang is one of the enterprises featured in the Guangdong TV’s special program “Made in Guangdong, Trust in Guangdong”. And He Tianxing, Vice President of EHang was interviewed by Guangdong TV for the program.

With regards to high quality and trust, He Tianxing said: The development of China’s science and technology has made rapid progress. Our emerging industries, emerging manufacturing, and emerging technological innovation industries have made some new developments. Our customers not only have their trust in EHang. I believe that more countries have the confidence originated from trust in Chinese manufacturing, trust created in China, and trust innovated in China. That’s why we are recognized and trusted in the process of going overseas.

It is noted that in the interview, with respect to flagship product EH216, He Tianxing, Vice President of EHang said: “Our current orders and pre-orders are more than 100 units this year. It is already not a small magnitude.”

This is good news for EHang, which has kept receiving orders and pre-orders even before obtaining the type certificate.