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Baidu to launch ChatGPT-like AI bot to the public in March | Baidu AI layout

Baidu to launch ChatGPT-like AI bot to the public in March | Baidu AI layout

It is learned on February 7 from Lei Di that driven by the great success of ChatGPT, Baidu announced that it will launch a ChatGPT-like project. The name of the project is determined to be WenxinYiyan, and the English name is ERNIE Bot. It will complete internal testing in March and open to the public.

At present, ERNIE Bot is doing the sprint before going online.

In September 2022, Baidu CEO Robin Li judged that the development of artificial intelligence “has directional changes at both the technical level and the commercial application level.” It is speculated that Baidu began to do ERNIE Bot at that time.

According to the rhythm of Google and Microsoft, ERNIE Bot may open to the pubic earlier.

It is said that Baidu has ChatGPT related technologies. Baidu has a full-stack layout in the four-tier architecture of artificial intelligence, including the underlying chips, deep learning frameworks, large models, and top-level search applications. ERNIE Bot is in the model layer.

Baidu has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence for decades. It has an industrial-level knowledge-enhanced Wenxin large model ERNIE, and has cross-modal and cross-language in-depth semantic understanding and generation capabilities.

According to industry analysis, especially in the field of natural language processing, there are very few companies in China whose current level is close to Baidu. ChatGPT is a milestone of artificial intelligence, and it is also a watershed, which means that the development of AI technology has reached a critical point, and enterprises need to deploy as soon as possible.

Baidu’s Hong Kong stock price rose 15% today. As of the close, the company’s market value was approximately HK$449.2 billion. The sharp rise in Baidu’s stock price is due to the sharp drop in technology stocks in Hong Kong stocks yesterday and the correction today. On the other hand, it is due to the launch of the ChatGPT-like project.