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Shanghai NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center delivery volume in the first month ranked first in the country | Cumulative delivery volume of 50,000 vehicles expected by March

Source: Shanghai Jiading


Recently, Shanghai NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center ushered in a “full moon”. As the world’s largest NIO delivery center, NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center delivered 1,712 vehicles in January this year, accounting for more than 20% of NIO’s total national delivery in January, ranking first among 50 delivery centers nationwide.

NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center achieved a “good start” in the first month of delivery, which is inseparable from the high-quality and convenient services of the Delivery Center. “I didn’t expect that there would be a registration point of the vehicle management office in the delivery center. You can directly apply for a license plate at the scene of picking up the car, and you can drive on the road after the car inspection.” Mr. Liu, a citizen, introduced.

The NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center covers a total area of 50,000 square meters, and can deliver 200 vehicles at a peak in a single day. It only takes users an average of 40 minutes from entering the gate to driving a new car back. In addition to the regular delivery functional areas such as the delivery area, vehicle maintenance area, and parking lot, the NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center has also set up a registration point for the vehicle management office, a car decoration area, etc., bringing users a high-quality car pick-up experience.

According to user feedback, NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center has achieved a satisfactory result of delivering 1,712 vehicles in the first month, which is closely related to its superior geographical location and convenient transportation environment.

“After the opening of the Nanxiang Delivery Center, the most obvious change we felt during the reception was that users complained less about the distance.” Wei Dingsheng, experience instructor of NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center introduced.

NIO’s original delivery center in Shanghai was located in a relatively remote location with inconvenient transportation, and users complained that the location was difficult to find.

Today’s NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center is adjacent to Anting·Shanghai International Automobile City, close to Jiamin Elevated Highway, Huxiang Expressway, Shenhai Expressway, etc. It is less than 3 kilometers away from the Chenxiang Highway Station of Metro Line 11. Whether the user who picks up the car comes by car or by subway, it is very convenient.

In the future, we will also hold a variety of community activities in the user rest area (NIO HOUSE). We welcome new and old users to come and sit frequently, and regard this place as another urban living room.” said Yin Chengchen, site person in charge of NIO Nanxiang Delivery Center.

According to statistics, NIO’s 29 sales stores in Shanghai had a customer flow of more than 200,000 in January. The person in charge of the relevant department of NIO said that with the continuation of the municipal government’s new energy vehicle replacement subsidy, it is expected that by March, the cumulative delivery volume of Shanghai NIO Delivery Center will exceed 50,000 vehicles.