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Alibaba International Station launched the Yiwu Central Warehouse to cope with busy orders in the beginning of the year

It is learned on February 10 from Global Network that in order to cope with the busy orders in the beginning of the year and the high-frequency logistics and delivery needs of small and medium-sized cross-border merchants, Alibaba International Station’s logistics service has recently launched the Yiwu Central Warehouse.

It is understood that the Yiwu central warehouse can transfer more than 3,000 orders of goods every day, carrying more than 60 tons of goods for delivery. In order to allow the efficient circulation of goods and reduce costs and increase efficiency for merchants, the central warehouse launched by Alibaba International Station has higher service standards and operational efficiency than ordinary receiving warehouses. It can realize the whole process of warehousing and delivery within 2 hours, reducing the transshipment cost for merchants by nearly 30%.

At the same time, Alibaba.com Logistics has upgraded its worry-free guarantee, which covers three major aspects: capacity guarantee, service guarantee, and arrival guarantee, helping merchants to deliver more securely, ensure the arrival of goods, and deliver more peace of mind.

Wang Tiantian, general manager of Chinese suppliers and cross-border supply chains at Alibaba International Station, introduced that the development of foreign trade is entering the “era of high-quality growth” from the “era of traffic growth”. Logistics, as an important part of delivery performance, is also changing from “low price goods purchase” to “delivery certainty guarantee”.

“Alibaba international station logistics service puts forward the concept of digital cross-border e-commerce ‘scene logistics’. We meet the needs of buyers and sellers in cross-border B2B scenarios, and provide one-stop digital and intelligent logistics solutions around the three major scenarios of cross-border e-commerce transactions, delivery, and compliance.” Wei Ran, head of cross-border supply chain fulfillment logistics and customs affairs at Alibaba International Station, said.

Up to now, the logistics service of Alibaba International Station has covered 220+ countries and regions, and 26,000+ global transport lines. Among them, the arrival guarantee lines cover 169 countries and regions. So far, 32 million products have enjoyed the arrival guarantee and late arrival compensation service.

In the future, Alibaba International Station Logistics will plan to add central warehouses across the country, and plan satellite warehouses in major industrial belts and cities where businesses are relatively concentrated. It will comprehensively improve the service quality of platform logistics in the warehousing section, and provide more merchants with localized, standardized, and networked warehousing and distribution services.