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First order of the year! BYD’s pure electric bus promotes the electrification of Swedish transportation

It is learned on February 10 from BYD that recently, BYD received an order for electric buses from Transdev AB, one of the largest public transport operators in Sweden. This is the largest order since the cooperation between BYD and Transdev AB. A total of 52 electric buses will be put into operation in Gästrikland province in eastern Sweden.

The order includes 44 units of 15-meter and 8 units of 12-meter pure electric buses, all of which are equipped with a new generation of lithium iron phosphate battery, which further improves safety and achieves a breakthrough in battery range. The battery range can reach 450km under SORT II working conditions. Thanks to the six-in-one integrated controller assembly system and electric thermal management system, the performance of the bus has been improved, fully adapting to the Swedish environmental conditions. At the same time, the interior and exterior use upgraded materials, which are more durable, more comfortable and more fashionable.

BYD 15-meter pure electric bus

Since 2015, BYD has continued to assist Transdev’s fleet of buses to electrify, and promote the electrification of its fleet to reduce carbon emissions. Looking at the entire North Europe region, BYD has received more than 700 orders for electric buses, covering 21 North Europe cities. So far, BYD has received orders for more than 3,000 electric buses in Europe, covering 95 cities in 17 countries in Europe, with an operating mileage of over 197 million kilometers, which is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by over 210,000 tons.

Fredrik Beckius, Regional General Manager of Transdev Gästrikland/Hälsingland, said, “BYD is one of the market leaders in electric buses, and 52 BYD electric buses will reduce local carbon emissions and noise levels, bringing positive impacts to local passengers, drivers and local people. Transdev attaches great importance to sustainable development. We believe that BYD electric buses will fully meet Transdev’s needs and jointly promote the zero-emission transformation of fleets in the North Europe region.”

Edison Yin, Regional Manager of BYD Bus Sales North Europe, said: “BYD is honored to help Transdev promote zero-emission green fleet in Sweden. BYD will continue to promote technological innovation, improve new energy solutions, and promote the electrification of North Europe public transportation.”