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NIO Banyan 1.3.0 system update, involving cockpit, voice, driving, energy replenishment, smart driving optimization

NIO Banyan 1.3.0 system update, involving cockpit, voice, driving, energy replenishment, smart driving optimization

According to news from IT Home on February 14, NIO Banyan system version 1.3.0 has been updated. This upgrade covers multiple sections such as cockpit experience, driving experience, energy replenishment and intelligent driving. The details are as follows:

Cockpit experience

Added the function of sharing the address to the car with one key on the mobile phone AutoNavi (Map App). After the user binds the mobile phone AutoNavi App to the car terminal, the address can be directly shared with the car terminal navigation;

– Added the function of appointment and installation of system update on the car terminal.
After the software update package of the subsequent version 1.3.0 is downloaded, the user can reserve the installation time of the update package in the system update of the car terminal;

– Added the intelligent one-key replacement function of [Seat Ventilation]/[Seat Heating] in the QA shortcut control menu;

– Added the function of input method Yunpinyin (Cloud Pinyin).
When inputting text, the system will automatically associate Internet buzzwords, and at the same time memorize the words commonly used by users, saving time for pinyin input;

– Added speed limit for window ventilation mode on.
When the vehicle speed reaches 60km/h or more, after the ventilation mode is turned on, the windows will not be fully opened, so as to avoid the impact on driving safety when all the windows are opened at high speed;

– Added the rear screen lock switch memory function.
After the user turns on the rear screen lock on the central control screen, the rear control screen will always be locked;

-Optimized the opening logic of the electronic door handle in the car.
The electronic door handle requires the user to open it only when the seat belt is unbuckled;

-Optimized the detection accuracy and night vision effect of people and cars approaching in the guard mode in dark scenes such as night;

– Optimized the night vision effect of the remote off-vehicle live broadcast function in dark scenes such as night;

-Adjusted the data memory logic of some function setting items.
After the user upgrades to 1.3.0, the vehicle speed adjustment method, NOMI brightness, HUD height, rear screen lock, wireless hotspot, wireless charging board switch, and shift notification sound switch settings will return to the factory state of the vehicle. Users need to Reset once.


– Added NOMI children’s intelligent scene dialogue function.
After the children in the car wake up NOMI, NOMI will interact with the tone and expression more in line with children’s characteristics. At the same time, this update also adds hundreds of children’s exclusive jokes and enriches the encyclopedia knowledge base related to children, bringing a more interesting interactive experience; This function needs to be enabled synchronously with the [Intelligent In-Car Sensing] function in the car;

– Added NOMI’s voice control for opening and closing the charging port;

-Added NOMI voice control for switching sport+ mode;

– Added a safety reminder to pay attention to the rear and fasten the seat belt when getting on the car when opening the NOMI side door;

-Improved the success rate and response speed of NOMI voice wake-up;

– Optimized the handling of NOMI error response.

Driving experience

-Slows down the undulating speed of the vehicle body when the vehicle passes through bridges, seams, speed bumps and other uneven roads in the comfort mode, enhances the support feeling of the vehicle body, weakens the pull-down feeling of the vehicle body, and brings a more comfortable and relaxed driving experience while maintaining road surface adhesion.

Worry-free mileage

– Added manual charging and warming up function.
After the user turns on the manual charging warm-up function, the battery will start to warm up immediately (manual mode only supports starting when the battery temperature is below 20°C);

– Added the remaining battery percentage display function.
The user can see the percentage of the current remaining battery power of the vehicle on the instrument screen.

Intelligent driving

– Added ELK emergency lane keeping function.
After the function is turned on, when the car involuntarily deviates from the lane or the adjacent lane has a potential side collision risk, it can provide a certain amount of steering assistance to help the driver urgently correct the vehicle position to avoid the risk of collision as much as possible. The function is turned off by default and needs to be turned on actively;

– Added a shortcut button for the home page of parking assistance.
After the vehicle has searched for a parking space, the parking assist button will automatically appear on the main page of the map, making it easier and faster to activate the parking assist function;

NIO’s intelligent system “Banyan Banyan” is an in-vehicle intelligent system used in NIO’s latest generation models. Below are the differences between the three generations of NIO systems and the corresponding models:

Installed models: ES8, ES6, EC6

Installed models: 2022 ES8, ES6, EC6

Installed models: ET7, ES7, ET5