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About EHang 216 on Day 2.16

Today February 16 (2.16) is a special symbolic day for EHang 216. On the day, EHang submitted a post on its Weibo account.


The post message says:
On February 16, #EHang 216# rides the east wind and breaks the waves ~ ~

Some EHang fans and investors have also hoped that the type certificate would also be granted on the day. With regards to this, user @风过无痕211 (WindPassesWithoutTrace211) has stated his opinions with a relevant post submitted on xueqiu.com, a Chinese investment forum site. The title of the post is “Progressing Steadily” and the post content is presented below.

$EHang (EH)$ – The mainstream of the market does not believe that EHang can get the airworthiness certificate, because they believe that 216S is just a toy, an enlarged version of the drone. It is basically impossible to pass the manned airworthiness certification.
On the other hand, some investors are full of confidence in EHang’s obtaining of the certificate. Because, we believe that if you want to achieve short-distance flights, the existing model is the most economical and realistic.

Today is February 16 (2.16), can the TC certificate be obtained? To answer this question, I first looked at C919. Many people thought it would be on September 19 (9.19), but the certificate was delayed for a few days. Then the 216S certification may not be today. The airworthiness certification is scientific and rigorous, and it will not be in a hurry.
None certificate for the national project like C919 was issued on September 19. The possibility of 216S obtaining a TC certificate today is not very high. At least I don’t have such expectations, but it is indeed progressing steadily. Consider that on February 22 last year, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the “EHang EH216-S Unmanned Aircraft System Specific Conditions”. This is also a landmark document. The date was not chosen on February 16 either.

Anyway, don’t worry. Obtaining the certificate is not easy, you have to go step by step. Therefore, once the certificate is obtained, there will be a certain moat. It takes at least two years or even longer for other companies to obtain certificate. The certificate is 0-1. It was very difficult, and Mr. Hu felt a little pressed for a while. It’s good now. Add Oil!

Take the TC, and also the AC and PC. After obtaining the airworthiness certificate, operational perfecting and training are required. The tourism market is big enough. 1-10 should be easier. Let’s not think about long-term goals for the time being.