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Alibaba’s quantum computing research has made important progress

Alibaba’s quantum computing research has made important progress

On February 15, Alibaba submitted a post on Chinese social media with the post title: “Alibaba’s quantum computing research has made important progress.”



The Alibaba DAMO Academy announced a new quantum instruction set, and the results were published in the top physics journal “Physical Review Letters”, Volume 130, Issue 7.

“Physical Review Letters” is the top academic journal in the physics community focusing on collecting the most influential progress and transformative ideas. Previously, DAMO Academy’s achievements on the fluxonium superconducting quantum chip had been published in this journal.


Experiments show that compared with the mainstream iSWAP gate as the core instruction set, the self-execution time of the SQiSW gate core instructions of DAMO Academy is reduced by 50%, and the error rate is reduced by 41%;
For randomly selected 2-bit gates, the number of program instructions compiled and generated is reduced by 26%, and the final error rate is reduced by 50%, which fully demonstrates the simplicity and high efficiency of the new instruction set.


The new instruction set with SQiSW gate as the core of DAMO Academy has achieved a significant improvement in execution accuracy and compilation performance


According to the review of the journal, this work has proved the superiority of the new instruction set both theoretically and experimentally, and the method of its development will help to innovate the paradigm of quantum instruction set design in the industry.

“This work is the aggregation of our multidisciplinary capabilities—a high degree of multidisciplinary integration is not only an inherent requirement for the realization of quantum computing, but also a highlight of the capability structure of the Quantum Laboratory of DAMO Academy.”
——Shi Yaoyun, Head of the Quantum Laboratory of DAMO Academy

Alibaba DAMO Academy has been committed to realize the potential of quantum computing, has researched quantum processors, quantum computing systems, etc., and has successively produced quantum circuit simulator “Tai Zhang”, high-precision fluxonium superconducting quantum chips and other scientific research results.