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Luckin Coffee and Vientiane Star Selection will reach in-depth cooperation to provide online order channel discounts and convenience

It is learned on February 16 from Qianpin Cloud Media that in the new market environment where the epidemic is released, Luckin Coffee is actively opening up various supply chains. Among them, the Vientiane Star Selection application developed by Guangdong Qianpin Network Technology Co., Ltd. recently issued a document saying that it will reach an in-depth cooperation with Luckin Coffee, and access Luckin Coffee’s online ordering function to provide consumers with channel discounts and convenience.

Recently, the second “Xiangzhen · 2022 China New Consumer Brand Growth Survey and Growth 50 List Selection” was held online. This selection was jointly initiated by China Business News and CBNData. Among the companies on the list, Luckin Coffee not only topped the “Growth50·2022 China New Consumer Brand Annual Growth Power List”, but also ranked among the “2022 China New Consumer Annual Digital Brand List” by virtue of its outstanding record in digital development.

Compared with the “social space” marketing strategy emphasized by the popular coffee brand, Luckin Coffee focuses on building various scenarios to meet the needs of customers in the mobile Internet era, and cooperates with high-quality suppliers in various fields to open different types of stores with different supply online discount channels.

Vientiane Star Selection-Luckin Coffee online order special discount

In the field of food and beverage, Luckin Coffee has been listed in the two annual lists of “Growth50 · 2022 China’s New Consumer Brand Annual Growth Power List” and “2022 China’s New Consumer Annual Digital Brand List”, which is inseparable from the digital development model, and breakthroughs in brand growth and innovation. It provides development ideas for new domestic consumer brands, and will also play greater value in the future development of the Chinese coffee market.