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NIO ET9 is coming? Known as “NIO’s Maybach”

It is learned on February 20 from CNMO that recently, a screenshot posted by a blogger on the Internet has attracted people’s attention. In the screenshot, the blogger said that NIO is sure to release ET9, and informed sources revealed that it will be released at the end of this year, built on NT3.0 platform, and is going in the direction of Maybach in all aspects.

In the comment area, senior auto media person responded. He affirmed this rumor: “Indeed, It has been worked on for a while. NIO’s Maybach solved the defect of ET7’s rear row once and for all. It is the first car on the NT3.0 platform, and the screen starts to be horizontal.”

If the above news is true, Nio may be building a flagship sedan of the brand. It can also be known from the naming and benchmarking of Maybach that the car must be expensive. For reference, the current price of NIO ET7 is between 458,000 and 536,000 yuan, so the price of ET9 with a higher positioning may be even higher.