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EHang visited by investment promotion team of Lichuan city, Hubei province

EHang visited by investment promotion team of Lichuan city, Hubei province

It is learned on February 21 from Lichuan’s Weibo account that from February 15 to 19, Liu Zhiyong, member of the Standing Committee of the State Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, led a team to make a special trip to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan in Guangdong Province and other places to inspect and discuss investment promotion matters, conduct in-depth exchanges, and promote industrial cooperation and help the high-quality development of the city’s economy.

Liu Zhiyong and his team visited some enterprises including Guangzhou EHang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangxi EHang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

Everywhere he went, Liu Zhiyong had a detailed understanding of the company’s operations, development prospects and investment intentions, introduced Lichuan’s resource advantages to entrepreneurs, introduced preferential policies for investment promotion, and warmly invited them to visit Lichuan for inspection, exchange and cooperation.

When communicating with the person in charge of Guangxi EHang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., Liu Zhiyong thanked the company for choosing to settle the high-tech UAV production project in Lichuan.

During the inspection trip, Liu Zhiyong requested that the relevant departments should further strengthen the concept of large-scale and large-scale investment promotion, go out to carry out comprehensive and in-depth inspections, give full play to the role of investment promotion teams and chambers of commerce at all levels, and attract more high-quality enterprises for Lichuan. At the same time, also make every effort to create a good business environment and a relaxed investment environment, so that landing companies can concentrate on development without distractions.