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NIO ET7 won the Dutch Most Potential Model Award in 2023

NIO reported that on February 21, local time, NIO ET7 was named the “Promise of 2023” in the selection of “Best Electric Car of the Year 2023” held by the Dutch Commercial Vehicle Owners Association (VZR).

This award aims to focus on new models that have just entered the market or are about to enter the market and have great market potential.

The jury gave a high evaluation to ET7:

NIO ET7 has become the Promise of 2023. This electric sedan has an innovative battery swap concept, and the car gives a good first impression in terms of driving characteristics and technology.

ET7 adopts an innovative battery swap concept, which leaves a good first impression in terms of driving performance and technology.

Ruben Keuter, general manager of NIO Netherlands, said: We are very happy with the achievements and recognition of NIO’s first model in the Netherlands, and at the same time make us look forward to 2023.

Just a few months after entering the markets of five European countries, ET7 has won a series of authoritative car awards in various countries, including the German Golden Steering Wheel Award, the Danish Car Award, the Norwegian Car of the Year, the Swedish Car of the Year and the Best Luxury Car. ET7 has been recognized by the authority of the European automotive industry, which makes us very encouraged and full of confidence in 2023. We will continue to bring joyful experiences to more users around the world.