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“People’s Daily” published an on-site interview with NIO new energy vehicle engineer under the title “Strive for the new track”

“People’s Daily” published an on-site interview with NIO new energy vehicle engineer under the title “Strive for the new track”

Source: People’s Daily

It is learned on February 23 from AutoR Smart Driving that recently, “People’s Daily” published an interview with NIO new energy vehicle engineer Zheng Shuhao under the title “Strive for the new track”, and told about the work deeds of NIO’s continuous breakthroughs in technological innovation through a NIO new energy vehicle engineer who has been following the trend of electrified and intelligent manufacturing.

Stamping, welding, painting… On February 10, when the reporter team entered NIO’s final assembly workshop, fully automatic robots were working intensively. On the production information screen, the number of scheduled production for the day kept beating.

Zheng Shuhao is the project manager of NIO’s electric drive technology. He is committed to increasing the range of NIO’s new energy vehicles to more than 500 kilometers. If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.
Just like the importance of the engine for fuel vehicles, the electric drive system is the key to converting electrical energy into kinetic energy, which can be compared to the “heart” of new energy vehicles.

NIO adheres to the core algorithm of self-developed electric drive technology. “The electric drive controller is like the ‘central nerve’ of new energy vehicles. As long as the algorithm is optimized, it can drive the motor to achieve more efficient operation at the minimum cost, so that the cruising range can reach a new level.” Zheng Shuhao said.

“Completing the development of electric drive software with a scale of hundreds of thousands of lines of code requires a very high level of teamwork, and a little carelessness will delay the progress of project delivery.” Zheng Shuhao recalled.
In this regard, the team promoted the IT department to develop an online project management system. By strengthening digital management, the efficiency of R&D delivery was increased by nearly 40%.

New industries are often full of new expectations. The wave of electrification is in the ascendant, and the wave of intelligent network connection is coming again.
How to make new energy vehicles more “smart”? The answer of Zheng Shuhao’s team is: through the online upgrade of the electric drive software, NIO can evolve more intelligent functions. “Different from smart cockpits, in-vehicle entertainment systems and other impressive smart scenes, electric drive software is more like a ‘behind-the-scenes hero’. Through deep learning, the car can understand you better.”

“Since the new models launched by NIO at the end of last year, a series of new functions of intelligent network connection have been launched. Equipped with the second-generation high-efficiency electric drive platform developed by NIO, it not only further optimizes the overall energy consumption, but also creates a better smart ride experience for car owners.” Zheng Shuhao is full of confidence.

Riding on the wind of electrification and intelligent networking, the fast-growing and changing Chinese new energy vehicles have a new goal – to speed up going overseas and participate in the competition in the global auto market.

NIO is also accelerating the pace of going overseas. In 2022, the whole system of NIO was launched in Europe. A number of new models were booked in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries. The European energy factory covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters were launched in Hungary. The power swap stations have been deployed and launched in many European countries.

“High quality and low price are the advantages of Chinese manufacturing, but domestic new energy vehicles can be sold abroad not only because of the price, but also because of the competitiveness of the product itself.”
NIO anchors technological innovation and opens up overseas sales with customized production.
“Different countries have different driving scenarios and operating habits, which requires targeted optimization and upgrading of electric drive software.” Zheng Shuhao gave an example. There is no speed limit on German highways, and cars run at high power for a long time, which poses a higher challenge to battery range.

“Through continuous optimization of the algorithm, NIO has realized the temperature monitoring of components such as motors and bearings with software-controlled sensors, and will automatically turn on the protection device once the temperature is too high.” Zheng Shuhao introduced. The optimization algorithm also reduces the energy consumption of the entire system, helping NIO to open up the European market.

Benchmark international standards, overcome certification difficulties, and lay a solid foundation for going overseas. “Standing on the global stage, one cannot fight unprepared.” Zheng Shuhao said. New energy vehicles are becoming the “new business card” for Chinese manufacturing to go global. Statistics show that currently in Europe, one out of every 10 new energy vehicles comes from China.

With a new year and a new goal, Zheng Shuhao is more determined to devote himself to the new track of new energy vehicles: “The development of new energy vehicles is the only way for my country to move from a big car country to a car power. With strong policy support and strong market demand, we are in the best era for the development of new energy vehicles.”