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Two new models of Xpeng launched in the Netherlands

According to news on February 24 from Xinhua Net, China’s new energy vehicle manufacturer Xpeng held a press conference in Rotterdam on the 23rd, officially announcing the launch of two new cars in the Netherlands, an upgraded sports sedan (P7) and an urban off-road vehicle (G9).

On the same day, the press conference was held at the first cooperative store opened by Xpeng and Dutch local car dealer Emil Faure. It is reported that the two new cars are pure electric vehicles with a maximum cruising range of 576 kilometers and 570 kilometers respectively, and the starting prices are 49,900 euros and 57,990 euros respectively. In addition to these two new cars, Xpeng X2, a flying car, was also displayed at the scene.

Cheng Xiaoguang, general manager of Xpeng Benelux region, told reporters that after Xpeng opened its first directly-operated experience store in The Hague, the Netherlands last year, it was welcomed by local consumers. The Rotterdam store is the first cooperative store opened by Xpeng with the help of the local dealer network, and will increase the number of cooperative stores in the Netherlands in the future.

Cheng Xiaoguang said that Xpeng has already started to deploy in Europe as early as 2020, and is one of the first Chinese new energy vehicle companies to enter the European market. The European auto market is in a stage of rapid transformation. The penetration rate of pure electric vehicles is growing rapidly, and the market potential is huge. It is expected to achieve greater growth in the next 10 to 20 years. Therefore, it is a good time to deploy in Europe.

He also said that the rapid improvement of China’s industrial development level is the fundamental reason why many Chinese independent brands, including Xpeng, are confident in entering the European market. The hardware quality of China’s independent auto brands continues to improve, and the advantages of software intelligence are obvious. More and more Chinese independent brands are expanding overseas markets and gradually achieving breakthroughs in the high-end market.