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EL7 continues to be delivered in Europe, listen to what European users say

On February 27, NIO reported that after starting its European tour in the Netherlands, EL7 in Norway, Germany, and Sweden have also recently delivered to the first batch of users.

Why did they get acquainted with NIO? What features do European users value when purchasing a high-end electric SUV? What kind of first impression does EL7 leave on new users? Let’s hear what they have to say.

Norway was the first stop for the NIO brand in Europe. In 2022, more than 1,000 units of NIO ES8 were delivered in Norway. On February 16, Norway’s first EL7 was delivered to user Lars Anthony Mapoy at NIO Space in Oslo. Lars used to own a high-end electric car. Whether traveling to and from multiple places on weekdays, sending a toddler to participate in hobby activities on weekends, or family outings and shopping, Lars and his family would choose to travel by self-driving.

However, with the enrichment of car usage scenarios, a high-end four-wheel drive SUV with powerful functions and comfortable experience has become a necessary demand. “The quality of the EL7 is very ‘German’, and it is full of fun to drive, especially in the Sport+ mode, with abundant power, compact chassis and clear road feel.” After becoming a NIO user, Lars has a new travel plan, “I saw that NIO has deployed a power station in Sweden, and when the spring is warm, we will consider going there to check in.”

On February 23, EL7 started delivery in Germany in Dusseldorf and Berlin at the same time, and three users liked the car.
“EL7 perfectly balances the richness and flexibility of functions, which is very suitable for outdoor travel.” Ralph Kranz, general manager of NIO Germany, is full of expectations for the pleasant experience that EL7 can bring to European users.

Tim Ehm’s friend Simon is the first user of ET7 in Germany. After several trips together, he was deeply impressed by the excellent design and quality of ET7 and the user-centered business model of NIO brand. Due to business dealings, Tim has more requirements for the functionality of the vehicle. The spacious and flexible storage space is the primary reason for him to choose EL7.

Hans Jürgen Feldhaus first met NIO at the opening ceremony of the power swap station in Hilden, Germany. After test-driving the ET7, he looked forward to NIO’s SUV even more. Today, Hans got his wish. Robin Schmid had already become a NIO user by subscribing to ET7. When EL7 was released in Berlin, he couldn’t wait to make an order and became the first batch of users of EL7 in Germany.

When he came to Sweden, Lars Lindqvist is a real estate developer. For business needs, he often travels long distances in Sweden and European countries.
“I have been paying attention to the electric vehicle market for a long time, and now it is time to say goodbye to the internal combustion engine era. Choosing EL7 is not only because of its rich functionality, but also because of its battery swap function, which saves me from queuing up with other electric vehicles to wait for charging, which is very important in a country like Sweden where electric vehicles are rapidly popularizing.”

Jan Björklund, who is also the first batch of EL7 users in Sweden, values the rich and high-quality configuration of EL7. “Air suspension, intelligent four-wheel drive, an openable panoramic sunroof over 1 square meter, and a 2-ton towing capacity are all standard configurations on the EL7.”

With the continuous delivery of EL7, more global users will experience the four seasons, return to nature, and explore the infinite possibilities from the city to the outdoors with the company of this large five-seat SUV from NIO. We look forward to making more and more new friends and sharing more beautiful memories with you.