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BYD Seagull may be launched on April 18, priced from 65,800 yuan

Source: EV Century

Recently, a BYD-related dealer revealed on the Internet that the brand-new A00-class pure electric car-Seagull of the Ocean series may be officially launched on April 18, which is during the Shanghai Auto Show, according to EV Century.

At the same time, the price of the new car is also revealed. There will be 5 models of the new car:

– Entry-level light version 265 model is priced at 65,800 yuan;

– Freedom version 310 model, priced at 75,800 yuan;

– Feixiang version 310 model, priced at 82,800 yuan;

– Lightning version 408 model, priced at 95,800 yuan;

– Top-equipped track version 360 model, priced at 112,800 yuan

(The above model numbers represent the cruising range).


The launch of Seagull, through its low-price and high-quality positioning, and BYD’s reputation in the new energy industry, may be able to recreate a hit model for the ocean series.

In terms of design, although Seagull is positioned as an A00-class car, it has changed from the usual round and cute style of the same class to sharp edges and corners. The sharp lights and body lines create a fighting atmosphere. The gun-gray wheels and suspended roof shape also add a lot of sportiness to the new car.

The rear of the vehicle is relatively simple. The cross-type taillights are well integrated between the rear windshield and the tailgate. The area of the bottom guard plate is not small. In addition, there are not many other elements. It is consistent with the brand style of Ocean series, that is, rejuvenation and simplification.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of Seagull are 3780×1715×1540mm, and the wheelbase is 2500mm.

According to previous spy photos of the interior, it is likely to be roughly consistent with the design style of the Dolphin. The suspended LCD instrument + rotatable floating large screen is very eye-catching. The integrated lever-type electronic gear lever and details of marine elements, It is a very prominent highlight of BYD Ocean series.

In terms of power, Seagull will be equipped with a front drive motor with a maximum power of 55kW and a maximum speed of 130km/h. The total energy of the battery pack for the 310km range model is 30.08kWh, the battery energy for the 408km range model and the top track version is 38.88kWh, and the entry-level model is not yet known.