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Traffic police of Luoyang city teamed up with Baidu to explore the “Luoyang AI model” of smart traffic

Soruce: Luoyang Traffic Police


On February 24, Luoyang Traffic Police and Beijing Baidu Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony based on the principle of “Complementary advantages, Resource sharing, Mutual benefit and win-win, Common development”.

Baidu is a “leading AI company with a strong Internet foundation”, and the number of patent applications and authorizations has ranked first in the country for four consecutive times. It is hoped that through this cooperation, the travel in the “Peony Flower City” will become safe, convenient, efficient, economical and green.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will give full play to Baidu’s open platform, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet map services and other technical advantages, combined with Luoyang traffic police’s experience in traffic congestion mitigation. It is to effectively solve the outstanding contradiction between the existing traffic travel environment and the people’s ever-growing demand for safe, smooth and convenient traffic, truly propose practical solutions to issues such as urban slowing down, information release, and smart travel that are concerned by the public, and jointly promote the development of traffic management services in Luoyang City in a more efficient, more beneficial and greener direction.

This strategic cooperation will focus on establishing a win-win concept, strengthening police-enterprise cooperation, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, alleviating traffic problems, strengthening organizational leadership, and promoting cooperation and implementation; and jointly explore and study the innovative working mode of “Internet + traffic management”.

The two parties will take the 40th China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival traffic guarantee as an opportunity, combine their respective advantages, and carry out strategic cooperation in subdivided fields such as smart traffic congestion mitigation optimization, potential safety hazard excavation and management, dynamic and static traffic linkage, map information service, and public travel service.

This strategic cooperation signing ceremony is just a starting point. Through the joint efforts of both parties, the next step will promote the development of police-enterprise cooperation in an all-round, wide-ranging and in-depth manner, and contribute to the scientific and leapfrog development of the road traffic management in Luoyang City.