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IHG Rewards Club, a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Group, has reached a strategic partnership with Luckin Coffee

Source: China News-Shanghai (sh.chinanews.com.cn)


It is learned on March 2 from China News-Shanghai that recently, IHG Rewards Club, a guest loyalty reward program under the InterContinental Hotels Group, announced a strategic cooperation with Luckin Coffee, integrating the elements of “coffee” into member rewards and other wonderful benefits.

This strategic cooperation is not only a more comprehensive cooperation between Luckin Coffee and the hotel industry, but also demonstrates that InterContinental Hotels Group continues to pay attention to changes in the market and consumer demand under the domestic dual cycle and consumption upgrading trend.

As the world’s first hotel loyalty program, IHG Rewards Club has always maintained its sensitivity to the market and is committed to providing members with unique and diversified rewarding experiences. In this cooperation with Luckin Coffee, IHG Rewards Club offers exclusive benefits for members. Staying at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel under the cooperation of InterContinental Hotels Group can enjoy the convenient service of “take away a cup of breakfast coffee”. You can get the “IHG Rewards Club Co-branded Freeze-dried Coffee Gift Box” welcome gift.

Hu Yingchun, Chief Marketing Officer of InterContinental Hotels Group Greater China, said: “Behind the mellow coffee, we have noticed that the demand for coffee from hoteliers and travelers in a hurry is characterized by daily and high-quality coffee. This is how InterContinental Hotels Group turning the daily experience of ‘drinking coffee’ into a well-known member benefit has brought new possibilities. The cooperation with Luckin Coffee this time echoes the brand spirit of IHG Rewards Club “Changing for you, coming for you”, and also reflects InterContinental Hotels Group’s vision of creating a comfortable travel experience for guests. We always pay attention to the travel and lifestyle needs of Chinese tourists, and enhance the full-link reward experience of IHG Rewards Club through bilateral cooperation and multiple innovations. Offer a cup of heart-warming coffee in the morning, and hope that our members can still maintain their best condition and enjoy the ‘little luck’ in the journey during the busy work and travel.”

Qiu You, Chief Operating Officer of InterContinental Hotels Group Greater China, said: “China’s hotel industry has entered a new development cycle, and how to change and develop with high quality has become the top priority.
In recent years, in response to the diverse travel needs of consumers, Holiday Inn Express has been upgraded to version 3.0 to enhance the guest experience and strengthen the brand’s competitiveness in the mid-to-high-end select service hotel segment. Now that the coffee culture has penetrated into the domestic consumer market, InterContinental Hotels Group, relying on its own strong market penetration, will join hands with Luckin Coffee to enhance the breakfast experience that Holiday Inn Express is proud of and empower Holiday Inn Express the brand competitiveness of the hotel, while stabilizing in the first-tier cities, will continue to deepen the development of the lower-tier market and attract more new-generation consumer groups who love coffee.”

Luckin Coffee makes full use of the new retail model of mobile Internet and big data technology, and cooperates deeply with high-quality suppliers in various fields to create high-quality consumer experience and create lucky moments for customers. The cooperation between the two parties is the first to land in Holiday Inn Express, a mid-to-high-end select service hotel brand under the InterContinental Hotels Group. It is in line with the brand vision of “simple and smart” travel experience created by the Holiday Inn Express brand. This strengthens the experiential and social nature of the hotel scene, and at the same time further expands the brand’s audience, and continues to empower guests from all over the world to enjoy a better life.

Wu Gang, senior vice president of Luckin Coffee, said: “In the past two years, coffee is like a magical seed, sweeping the hearts of Chinese people. Luckin not only launched popular freshly ground coffee drinks such as Raw Coconut Latte and Raw Cheese Latte, but also the only Chinese chain coffee brand that won the gold medal in the IIAC International Coffee Tasting Competition for five consecutive years. This time, Luckin Coffee also customized high-quality coffee beans for IHG hotels. With the vision of ‘creating a world-class coffee brand and making Luckin a part of people’s daily life’, Luckin Coffee revolves around the core values of ‘Seeking truth and being pragmatic, Quality first, Continuous innovation, None other than me, Mutual trust and win-win’, Luckin Coffee Coffee is trying to penetrate every part of daily life through products and services, convey the concept of a better life, and inspire eager expectations for a better life.”