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XPeng He Xiaopeng suggestions for the National Two Sessions: Exploring and Accelerating the Systematic Guarantee of the Application of Autonomous Driving

On March 2, Xpeng reported the suggestions for the National Two Sessions from He Xiaopeng, Xpeng CEO and representative of National People’s Congress.



2023 National People’s Congress proposal

He Xiaopeng
Representative of National People’s Congress

The First Session of the Fourteenth National People’s Congress and the First Session of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference are about to open.

He Xiaopeng, representative of the National People’s Congress, chairman and CEO of Xiaopeng Motors, offered advice and suggestions to the National People’s Congress, bringing “Suggestions on Exploring and Accelerating the Systematic Guarantee of Autonomous Driving Applications.” From the three aspects of automatic driving laws and regulations, safety mechanism guarantee and infrastructure guarantee, call for multi-party cooperation to jointly explore and promote the high-quality development of the autonomous vehicle industry, so that consumers can enjoy a convenient, safe and comfortable smart driving travel experience.


Promote the acceleration of legislation related to intelligent networked vehicles and autonomous driving

In recent years, national and local governments have successively promulgated relevant laws and regulations, providing certain legal guarantees for the development of intelligent networked vehicles and autonomous driving.
However, due to the accelerated development of autonomous driving technology and its particularity, the corresponding laws and regulations still need to be further improved, and safety standards and technical specifications need to be established urgently to form a legal system for intelligent networked vehicles with Chinese characteristics, and work together to move towards China’s autonomous driving “smart high point”.

> Suggestions:

· Improve the formulation and revision of corresponding laws and regulations, and speed up relevant implementation of standards and technical specifications


Explore the establishment of self-driving technology and self-driving car insurance product system

At present, my country’s intelligent networked automobile industry is developing strongly, and the national and local governments have successively issued policies and regulations to promote the development and commercialization of autonomous driving technology. However, as an important part of the safety mechanism guarantee, self-driving insurance products are still immature in China, and it is urgent to cooperate with all parties to explore the establishment of self-driving technology and self-driving auto insurance product system to promote high-quality development of the industry.

> Suggestions:

· Formulate a programmatic plan for self-driving car insurance;

· Encourage some regions to carry out autonomous driving insurance innovation,
Proceed and try first

· Encourage self-driving car companies to participate in insurance product innovation


Promote and speed up the review process of urban high-precision maps

High-precision maps are currently one of the important infrastructures for autonomous driving. In the past two years, its development has been paid more and more attention by the country and manufacturers. However, due to the rapid changes in my country’s urban road conditions, in order to ensure the “freshness” of maps and improve driving experience and safety, it is recommended to optimize the review process, improve map update efficiency, and speed up the process of high-precision map infrastructure to ensure the development of my country’s autonomous driving industry.

> Suggestions:

・Allow centralized auditing of map incremental updates

・Establish an online filing process and a first-use-after-review mechanism

・Allow and encourage crowd-sourced updates to maps