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Equipped with BYD blade battery and motor, FAW Toyota bZ3 goes on sale, starting from 169,800 yuan

According to news from IT Home on March 6, FAW Toyota bZ3 announced the price today and opened reservations.
The price of the car is 169,800 to 199,800 yuan. This is a pure electric medium-sized fastback jointly built by BYD and Toyota. It is also Toyota’s first pure electric sedan. Based on the e-TNGA architecture, it is equipped with BYD blade batteries and drive motors. The CLTC’s comprehensive cruising range is 517km and 616km respectively.


The exterior design of bZ3 has a closed front face and through-type LED daytime running lights highlighting new energy attributes. The headlight group is a matrix full LED light source with a sharp shape. The side lines of the car are smooth, the suspended roof and hidden door handles add a sense of movement, and the drag coefficient is only 0.218. The hidden door handle shrinks inward to better solve the problem of freezing in winter. The through-type taillight group at the rear echoes the front face, and the dot matrix lamp beads are highly recognizable. The concave design of the license plate frame and the small rear wing create a sense of hierarchy. The length, width and height of the new car are 472518351475mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2880mm.

In terms of power, the bZ3 uses a lithium iron phosphate blade battery provided by BYD Fudi Power and a rear single motor. The motor is available in two specifications of 135kW and 180kW, and the peak torque is 303N・m. The battery capacity is available in two options of 49.92kWh and 65.28kWh, and the corresponding CLTC cruising ranges are 517km and 616km respectively.