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XPeng released introduction: All-new P7i | Pure coupe, aesthetics further advanced

On March 5, Xpeng released an introduction post for all-new P7i on Chinese social media.


New P7i × Intelligent GQ

Advanced aesthetics, awakening the heart of exploration
Artistic inspiration, traveling beyond imagination


Imagine, start from here

Inspired by the vast universe
The smear of green light from time and space travel

Interstellar green
Cold light sense, dazzling in the heart
Shimmering metal infused with pearlescent particles
Low-key and profound, natural

Classic begins with elegance

Pure coupe attitude
Trendy aesthetic pioneer

Dynamic aesthetics, elegant fading surface, highlighting the three-dimensional sculpture between light and shadow

LiDAR integrated with headlights, the integrated design continues the classic coupe posture

Pure, innate

Break the boundaries

Interpreting the functional aesthetics of the coupe and bringing the ultimate driving experience

110mm ultra-thin battery pack

460mm ultra-low center of gravity

0.236Cd low drag coefficient


Minimalism, enjoy freedom

Brand new interior gray

Digital art combined with rational rhythm

Interpretation of art and technology

Standard Nappa top layer leather

Front and rear slow rebound adaptive seat

Newly designed multifunctional leather steering wheel


The all-new P7i super smart coupe
Stay tuned