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Alibaba Pingtouge Semiconductor announced the ecological plan to promote the implementation of ecological chips

According to Huanqiu Wang Keji (Global Net Technology), on March 2, Alibaba Pingtouge announced its ecological plan: for 150,000 developers in the chip open community, Pingtouge launched the online learning platform “RISC-V Academy Program” for the first time, encouraging partners to participate in the global RVFA certification.

For industry partners, Pingtouge launched the “Xuantie Preferred Chip” plan to promote the implementation of ecological chips; At the same time, “Xuantie Preferred Partner” was set up, and the first batch was awarded to 8 companies.

Meng Jianyi, vice president of Pingtouge, introduced: “Open source and openness are the core of RISC-V ecological construction, Ali Pingtouge will continue to connect developers and different partners in the ecosystem, promote the integration of RISC-V ecology and a wider ecosystem, share the dividends of inclusive computing power technology with all walks of life, and continue to contribute to the open ecology and community.”

It is understood that at present, Pingtouge has basically completed the full adaptation of international and domestic mainstream operating systems and RISC-V, including Android, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Dragon Lizard, Tongxin, openKylin, Skyworth Kukai system, RTT and other operating systems.
In terms of software tools and applications, Pingtouge has launched a complete three-piece set of basic software for the first time — compiler TAC, compilation environment CDK, deployment tool set HHB, and improved the efficiency of RISC-V development environment and tool stack.